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 picture poems from many decades ago pre-post-noir Neuage
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Leaving Australia 'Again': Before the After 353 pages from $4.25
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Neo-noir Neuage is a revival of noir Neuage textuality, a genre that flourished during the post-hippie era —roughly from 1970 to 2015 following the Neuage-Textuality hippie era of the 1960s. Post Neo-noir Neuage is the present time mate. [there was also the short-lived Fucked Poetry of Neuage - but we have gone pass that era...thankfully.] To add to the possible confusion, Terrell Neuage was Terrell Adsit pre-1980 when it was changed to Neuage in Hawaii in 1980.


below is the series I am currently working on - new picture poems mostly since covid and world war three

  1. I went to the create a conspiracy website
  2. What I love about being senile elderly spaced
  3. I would like to look back at now
  4. Sitting here traffic jam Bangkok
  5. Pretty girl in the shop window
  6. Such a description
  7. I can’t wait to get back home
  8. We traded stories
  9. She rose up from the rubble of my memory
  10. Psychedelics I took in the 1960s and 1970s
  11. The curvature of the cosmos
  12. 50-years later you look so different
  13. My astrologer declared her love for me
  14. All the best players on the field
  15. Washington DC is full of intergalactic aliens
  16. What a great ending the season finale was
  17. Clouds full of rain
  18. Last life I was a succulent piece of fruit
  19. I went to a different place in my mind
  20. Concerned only
  21. I dream of being a poem-writing robot
  22. Closing my eyes
  23. I took a detour of your exploding love
  24. On the final test of my life
  25. Creation beganwith a series of sticky notes
  26. Now-that-you-are-one-with-the-wind
  27. took-time-out-to-get-to-know-myself
  28. Doctors-set-out-to-change-the-terrain-of-my-body
  29. Chilly chilly Pass the spring please
  30. I-dreamt-we-were-two-wheels
  31. when-i-first-sought-her-love
  32. Being senile is difficult
  33. I am a misplaced character
  34. I feel safe being in covid-19 quarantine
  35. I did enough
  36. A senseless act of literature
  37. I almost_got_stuck_between_parallel_universes
  38. I love the ageing process
  39. My dogs grievances
  40. Photoshop & viral plastic surgeons
  41. A failed poet told me my life was shit
  42. Here we are at the start of a new day of sin
  43. I rode my horse down main street
  44. I waited all night to hear you sing
  45. Before my lover died
  46. Always in flight since birth
  47. I looked at my creative work from 40 & 50 years ago
  48. I knew it was you in my dream
  49. Curve in the road
  50. Every morning I awaken
  51. Google calendar texted me
  52. Here we are all together again
  53. I became disorientated
  54. I built a snowman
  55. I painted the evening sky
  56. I turned off the light
  57. In the museum of misplaced love
  58. 65-years ago I was at the age
  59. A week ago we were at the top of the world
  60. All the animals escaped from the zoo
  61. Anxious moments
  62. Dairy cow at my window
  63. Hopefully the person I awake as tomorrow
  64. I saw her wilting in the produce section
  65. past lovers
  66. hipsters on the corner
  67. Her-smile-still-torments-me
  68. How exhausting love is
  69. I didn’t make up the facts of my life
  70. I-tried-to-rejuvenate-my-life
  71. Love negotiates
  72. My mother never laughed at my jokes
  73. So exciting all we did today
  74. Taste-of-you-melting-in-the-early-morning-rain
  75. Wild women chanting
  76. @ the gym generation #XYZ working so hard
  77. Lost in the rain
  78. Australians have little depth
  79. Camping in the Outback
  80. All our potential gets buried at the end too
  81. Concerned only by how many likes
  82. I dream of being a poem-writing robot
  83. I drew a map
  84. If no one likes my post
  85. Mystery nothing more
  86. One of my deceased lovers
  87. Not sure whether their current life as roses
  88. Saw my future self crying at the finish line
  89. Falling snow hiding yesterday’s problems
  90. Every day starts off filled with magic
  91. I knew you desired me
  92. You slept through the storm
  93. I was overly stressed last night
  94. I changed my astrological self from being a Leo
  95. Everything_back_to_normal
  96. When only clowns criminals lovers wore masks
  97. Dark shadows and sounds
  98. What the covid-19 mishap has taught us
  99. We survived another month
  100. We are so fortunate
  101. We were so lucky today
  102. We need a unique message
  103. Time is a thankless slut
  104. The government is not tracking
  105. Such simple splendour
  106. Random physics of love
  107. Levels of importance have changed
  108. I would like to look back at now
  109. Patterns across the horizon
  110. I put a like-button on my tombstone
  111. Perfection follows me
  112. After such a long successful dream
  113. Before selfies
  114. Because of the internet people in developing countries
  115. Would you still love me
  116. Woken before sun rise
  117. I like being my own boss
  118. Canadian goose at the border
  119. Goodbye forever
  120. I am exhausted battle fatigued
  121. Deep in my subconscious there are spiders
  122. Being from another galaxy
  123. In a rambling tweet to my higher Self
  124. I chose to fly My body did not
  125. Love tumbles through the ionosphere
  126. I saw her sipping her non-GMO
  127. Another hotel Another city
  128. Another cycle ends
  129. I fell in love with a statue
  130. I had planned to write about the future
  131. With nursery rhymes playing in the background
  132. All the best players on the field
  133. Woke with rain on my face
  134. They cut the cake
  135. I blended in with the tourists today
  136. I searched the internet
  137. Such a parade we lined the streets
  138. All my favourite musicians are dead
  139. Close to the end new beginnings within sight
  140. Each country I go to changes me a bit
  141. How fortunate we are
  142. Humans are so adorable
  143. I knew today would be different
  144. I rode my cow into town
  145. Love equals sorrow + hope - regret
  146. At the border I declared my love
  147. I wrote a rusted poem
  148. Haunted memories
  149. I used Photoshop rather than have a plastic surgeon
  150. Life is a casino we lose it all at the end
  151. Memory - Such a fleeting whisper
  152. My only fear
  153. So excited to go to sleep
  154. So many glitches in history
  155. today was better less went wrong
  156. The air is filled with broken opportunity
  157. What great times we live in
  158. When we die
  159. I became evicted from my dreams
  160. I rearranged
  161. I love the scents of a new year


adding daily forever


I threw away my umbrella
As far as the song we sing
Tree - the story
Pick a dream and stay awake in it

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