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Neo-noir Neuage is a revival of noir Neuage textuality, a genre that flourished during the post-hippie era —roughly from 1970 to 2015 following the Neuage-Textuality hippie era of the 1960s. Post Neo-noir Neuage is the present time mate. [there was also the short-lived Fucked Poetry of Neuage - but we have gone pass that era...thankfully.] To add to the possible confusion, Terrell Neuage was Terrell Adsit pre-1980 when it was changed to Neuage in Hawaii in 1980.

I went to the create a conspiracy website

What I love about being senile elderly spaced

I would like to look back at now

Sitting here traffic jam Bangkok

Pretty girl in the shop window

Such a description

I can’t wait to get back home

We traded stories

She rose up from the rubble of my memory

Psychedelics I took in the 1960s and 1970s

The curvature of the cosmos

50-years later you look so different

My astrologer declared her love for me

All the best players on the field

Washington DC is full of intergalactic aliens

What a great ending the season finale was

Clouds full of rain

Last life I was a succulent piece of fruit

I went to a different place in my mind

Concerned only

I dream of being a poem-writing robot

Closing my eyes

I took a detour of your exploding love

On the final test of my life

Creation beganwith a series of sticky notes




Chilly chilly Pass the spring please



Being senile is difficult

I am a misplaced character

I feel safe being in covid-19 quarantine

I did enough

A senseless act of literature

I almost_got_stuck_between_parallel_universes

I love the ageing process

My dogs grievances

Photoshop & viral plastic surgeons

A failed poet told me my life was shit

Here we are at the start of a new day of sin

I rode my horse down main street

I waited all night to hear you sing

Before my lover died

Always in flight since birth

I looked at my creative work from 40 & 50 years ago

I knew it was you in my dream

Curve in the road

Every morning I awaken

Google calendar texted me

Here we are all together again

I became disorientated

I built a snowman

I painted the evening sky

I turned off the light

In the museum of misplaced love

65-years ago I was at the age

A week ago we were at the top of the world

All the animals escaped from the zoo

Anxious moments

Dairy cow at my window

Hopefully the person I awake as tomorrow

I saw her wilting in the produce section

past lovers

hipsters on the corner


How exhausting love is

I didn’t make up the facts of my life


Love negotiates

My mother never laughed at my jokes

So exciting all we did today


Wild women chanting

@ the gym generation #XYZ working so hard

Lost in the rain

Australians have little depth

Camping in the Outback

All our potential gets buried at the end too

Concerned only by how many likes

I dream of being a poem-writing robot

I drew a map

If no one likes my post

Mystery nothing more

One of my deceased lovers

Not sure whether their current life as roses

Saw my future self crying at the finish line

Falling snow hiding yesterday’s problems

Every day starts off filled with magic

I knew you desired me

You slept through the storm

I was overly stressed last night

I changed my astrological self from being a Leo

adding daily forever


I threw away my umbrella
As far as the song we sing
Tree - the story
Pick a dream and stay awake in it

PhD Complete

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