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Neo-noir Neuage is a revival of noir Neuage textuality, a genre that flourished during the neo noir post-hippie era —roughly from 1970 to 2015 following the Neuage-Textuality hippie era of the 1960s. Post Neo-noir Neuage is the present time mate. [there was also the short-lived Fucked Poetry of Neuage - but we have gone pass that era...thankfully.] SEE Content/Indexof all for this cycle. To add to the possible confusion, Terrell Neuage was Terrell Adsit pre-1980 when it was changed to Neuage in Hawaii in 1980.


The air is filled with broken opportunity

Stale air 
Fresh air
Recycled air
Malleable moments 
Formless ideas
Expansive visions
Those who harness change 
will be the new gods
Creators of a new heaven and earth
Those who stand and stare 
will never be anything more 
than victims 
Like billions 
who have blindly wandered the earth 
(still are)
these past two-thousand years
following their long-ago dead messiahs 

07 May 2020 Vista, South 

Photo: Rajasthan, India 2018 © Neuage (08 May 2020)

What great times we live in

the Revolution of Evolution
Foot soldiers of the new age
living life in our pyjamas
in isolation wearing masks
so no one can see the real masks
that we have covered ourselves with
all those years
practicing hiding from one another
What great times we live in
when we get to see the Himalayas
as well as all the other mountains
yet to climb
to breathe
once again
the Revolution of Evolution

17 April 2020 Vista, South Australia

Photo: Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, Colorado 2019 © Neuage (18 April 2020)
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#Neuage #ThoughtsInTravel #TextualImagery #TerrellAdsit

I sought the pot of coffee

at the end of the rainbow
only to find gold
I tossed it away
Went back to sleep
until a proper rainbow appears
with a pot of coffee

18 April 2020 Vista, South Australia

I so believed today was yesterday

North was South
The unseeable seeable
I was you
You me
This is not a dream
we are not awake
What I need to believe
Not believable
We must anyway

18 April 2020 Vista, South Australia

Needing varied insights

A different order of sorts
Narrative obsoletion absolution
we rode into mistaken identity
Now we live beyond varied insights

19 April 2020 Vista, South Australia

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