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Tuesday 27 January 2021 8.47 AM Adelaide

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the world can breathe easy again Bernie Sanders at our house in adelaide australia

life @ our home in Adelaide Australia

Our current covid-19 status (Narda and me) @ home page for Neuage - we arrived in Adelaide after 10 weeks in the Netherlands [March 2020 - now last year] on flights back via Amsterdam and Singapore. We have been given amazing help with a home in Swan Reach along the Murray River where we did our quarantine of two weeks in Adelaide until the 8th of April 2020.

As of 26 January 2021, we feel good, but we can not visit you yet. Cheers.

We are currently at #home - Perseverance Road in Vista, South Australia. We had Christmas with the grandchildren. So lucky to be in South Australia where all is good. New Years has come and gone - we spent a couple of days in Victor Harbor. I lived in Victor from 1987 - 1995 with my two sons. So I love going there and remembering. Now we are home until February when we have booked ourselves into an AirBnB in Darwin for the month. Hopefully no flights are cancelled - no covid-19 around the place. Australians will be getting their 'jabs' in March - April 2021. Our plan is to take the caravan across to Queensland for three - 5 months later in the summer and start international trips in 2022 - see you then.

We just took a five-week drive to the New South Wales coast, camping in our caravan - see our blog uploaded just the other day @

Last year (2020) I unpacked a box of ties that I used to collect from thrift shops around the world while teaching in: New York, China, Australia between 2002 and 2018. With being stuck at home I decided to wear a different tie everyday. 183 of them. 183 days non-stop. Travels with my ties became ties in isolation.

We do have a short covid story / A cautionary tale from when my son Sacha came to Adelaide from Melbourne recently.



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'Travel with my ties in Isolation' Album on Behance Ties in Isolation

The ties are due to needing to wear a tie when I was teaching in New York & China (2002 - 2014) - I started collecting ties from thrift shops etc. around the world for the next decade.
Instead of tossing them out I am doing this dumb challenge as I am @ home and cannot visit you. I think there are over 100.
From my shed @ Perseverance Road, Vista, South Australia.

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