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Neo-noir Neuage is a revival of noir Neuage textuality, a genre that flourished during the neo noir post-hippie era —roughly from 1970 to 2015 following the Neuage-Textuality hippie era of the 1960s. Post Neo-noir Neuage is the present time mate. [there was also the short-lived Fucked Poetry of Neuage - but we have gone pass that era...thankfully.] SEE Content/Indexof all for this cycle. To add to the possible confusion, Terrell Neuage was Terrell Adsit pre-1980 when it was changed to Neuage in Hawaii in 1980.


I knew today would be different 
when I awoke dead
With no one left to mourn
my passing
So I poisoned the city water with my corpse
so they would die too
Then the angels sang in celebration
But all I could do was smile
16 July /2018 Vista, Adelaide, Australia

At the border I declared my love

Duty free
Now I am deported
'refugees not wanted'

1/October 2017 Dubai
Photo: Copenhagen Denmark

Lost my place amongst roving tribes

at the border
I won’t know which side I am on
coming or going
All I will know is that I am old and tired
free and bounded
content that am lost

20/10/18 Noja, Spain

We surrendered at the border

knowing dawn
would try us for treason
after evening captured
our desires
with fulfillment in our eyes

14/11/16 Vista, South Australia

Canadian goose at the border

No one stops her
heading south for a winter of love
Humans need a visa passport driver’s license
proof that they are not Canadian geese
fleeing to the south

18 July /2018 Vista, Adelaide, Australia

To sleep to sleep

Lined up dreams
stuck at the border
To dream asleep
To dream awake
Awake I control
Asleep I am controlled
At times I know not which am in
No doubt death so is too

08/03/19 Adelaide, South Australia

Then Jesus began to handout chocolate Easter eggs

to the coloured children
But was stopped at the border
for looking too Mexican
and not having any redemption left
for the privileged white children
So once again Easter was cancelled

9/04/19 Adelaide, South Australia

HERE - from Thoughts in Patterns Bk. 6. P.134

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