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Neo-noir Neuage is a revival of noir Neuage textuality, a genre that flourished during the post-hippie era —roughly from 1970 to 2015 following the Neuage-Textuality hippie era of the 1960s. Post Neo-noir Neuage is the present time mate. [there was also the short-lived Fucked Poetry of Neuage - but we have gone pass that era...thankfully.] SEE Content/Indexof all for this cycle. To add to the possible confusion, Terrell Neuage was Terrell Adsit pre-1980 when it was changed to Neuage in Hawaii in 1980.

I drew a map on your body and became lost

I drew a map

on your body
and became lost
07/09 Ringkøbing, Denmark

Photo St Petersurg, Russia August 10, 2017

I got lost today

Wrong direction
Maps led me astray
Nothing familiar
Sounds, Smells, Sights so strange
I had my hat on
Sunglasses too
So lost
and I never got out of the house

22/02/19 Adelaide, South Australia

Mapped a way

to restart with secret labels
hidden beneath smouldering rocks
where I could stumble over
if at the end
Then the rain fell and my map washed a way
Now every day
I imagine where I would be
if I had not started

05/06/16 Perseverance Road, Vista, South Australia

My mother was the greatest magician

I never got to see
Disappearing soon after my birth
Leaving me with troubled thoughts
vivid imagination
searching soul
destined to always be lost
She left me no message
no forwarding address
no treasure map at the end of the road
I looked for her
She didn’t look for me
So now at age 71
I will stop looking on social media
for her
and delete my hashtag

01/03/19 P & O Pacific Eden, Southern Ocean, Australia

Your body

Your body
a treasure map
riches full

19/June/16 Perseverance Road, Vista, South Australia

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