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#OurCurrentLifeWithCovid/War in Europe as of 30 July 2022 Saturday ~ 8 AM Adelaide, South Australia

Hipsters on the corner flashing hipster smiles 
With such a most fashionable sentimental array
They are in the groove
Such a harmonious vibe being exchanged 
I stand on the corner in their midst
I put a smile in the middle of my old-man face
I have on my best thrift shop clothes
I remember when I was hip just a mere fifty+ years ago
I didn’t like old people then 
still don’t 
Millennial hipsters vaping on the corner
Social media elitist
Hey I am on twitter too and all the other ones
The hipsters look at me 
smiles dissipate 
They leave the corner in fear of being associated with me
Foreign tourists pass by 
put change in my tin cup
Another good day on the corner

Her smile still torments me

even after realizing the Mona Lisa
was not looking at me directly

03/06/19 Washington DC

Texts-Design-Photos: Loveland, Colorado, Benson Sculpture Garden - Terrell Neuage 2019
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Thoughts in Patterns Bk 07 P 67

selling picture-poems in New Orleans 1972 with passing girl and random horse

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