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Neo-noir Neuage is a revival of noir Neuage textuality, a genre that flourished during the neo noir post-hippie era —roughly from 1970 to 2015 following the Neuage-Textuality hippie era of the 1960s. Post Neo-noir Neuage is the present time mate. [there was also the short-lived Fucked Poetry of Neuage - but we have gone pass that era...thankfully.] SEE Content/Indexof all for this cycle. To add to the possible confusion, Terrell Neuage was Terrell Adsit pre-1980 when it was changed to Neuage in Hawaii in 1980.


I rode my cow into town
to get a bucket of milk
The gay cowboys gave me a queer look
then graffitied my cow
I think I went to the wrong side of town
29/09/18 Berlin

I rode my cow into town

to get a bucket of milk
The gay cowboys gave me a queer look
then graffitied my cow
I think I went to the wrong side of town

29/09/18 Berlin

If only we could trade our clown-president

for a used car
we could take it to the salvage yard
and have a good country once again

29/09/18 Berlin

god wrote the bible

as a graduation celebratory greeting
for alien-robots to code humour
into their mainframe
before annihilating the earth

29/09/18 Berlin

Another old town

Old buildings
Old cemeteries
Old people
Young hipsters
in fear of becoming history
merge with their phones
ignoring all the oldies
So I put my foot out
trip them up
on their way down they remember
there are old people everywhere
who no longer see them either

30/909/18 Horsham, UK

HERE - from Thoughts in Patterns Bk. 6. P.134

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