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ACOM 203Y Speech Composition and Presentation

MW 04:15:00_PM-05:35:00_PM

Class Number: 1921   (Spring 2006)

ROOM LC0011  

OFFICE HOURS: by appointment

telephone 442 2604 ROOM # 386 SS building 

email: neuage@albany.edu or neuaget@albanyacademyforgirls.org

Dr. Terrell Neuage

BA (journalism), Honours (Adolescent Literature), Masters (Literature): Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia;

Ph.D. (Internet Communication and New Media), University of South Australia


This course is online at ACOM203-1.htm


NOTE: if a link does not work please notify me before an assignment is due so that it can be fixed. Not doing an assignment because a link is not working is not an excuse for not handing in the assignment.


Calendar updated Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Grades updated Wednesday, April 05, 2006 including first speech/first test/first reports

LESSONS updated Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Course Syllabus

This is a preliminary syllabus. You will need to go to the weekly links from this site prior to each class for updates to this course. 

Text Book

Brydon, Steven R., & Scott, Michael D. (2003). Between one and many: The art and science of public speaking (4th Edition). Boston: McGraw-Hill.

The textbook comes with a CD which we will use in class (be sure the CD is in the book when you purchase it - especially if you are buying it second hand). The textbook comes with a Web support site - Online learning centre (OLC) at http://www.mhhe.com/brydon4  You will need to register with the site using the index card that is included in your textbook.

This book is available from the SUNY bookstore and from Mary Jane Books 215 Western Ave Albany, NY Phone: (518) 465-2238 I would suggest to compare prices as it was a lot cheaper here last year.

Course Description

This course is designed to acquaint you with the basic principles and fundamental techniques of effective speaking and listening in a variety of selected communication experiences. 


Course Objectives

Ř      To understand and develop skills in speech composition;

Ř      To understand and develop skills in speech delivery;

Ř      To understand and develop skills in effective listening.

Ř      To develop confidence and poise in the oral communication experience;

Ř      To develop standards for the evaluation or oral communication, and

Ř      To develop skills in responding to questions and challenges during public speaking situations.


Three individual speeches will be presented in class for marking. As well there will be informal speeches some of which will be marked. A formal outline including a bibliography will be included for the second and third speeches. As well as the speeches there will be three exams and three homework assignments and three groups of reports.

Ř      Self-Introduction Speech                                  Pass/Fail 05%

Ř      Information Speech                                          10%

Ř      Persuasion Speech                                           20%

Ř      Ceremonial Speech                                          10% (5% group acceptance speech 5% individual acceptance speech)

Ř      Written exams - 3 @10 % each                        30%

Reports I (1,2,3,4,5)                                        15%

II (1,2,3,4 [4c],5) III (1,2,3,4,5)

Ř      Assignments 3 @05 % each                             10%

Assignment 1, and 3     (there is no two)                                                          


See grades1.htm for your grade after each assignment.

An ‘A’ grade is difficult to achieve.  It will be given when there are no unexcused absences, high quality work is presented for each assignment: written and oral, there are no late assignments, and there is a high level of class participation. There are no curves or assignments for extra credit ~ you get what you earn.

A -


  1. ABSENCES: attendance in class is mandatory unless there is a letter from campus central or a doctor’s note. If your car breaks down or any other reason you will need to collect a letter from campus central - no verbal excuses will work. You will lose one-point off of your final grade for each unexcused absence.
  2. LATENESS: attendance is taken at the beginning of class - please do not enter the classroom if a speech is being given until it is completed. On speech days there will be no spare time and class must start exactly on time. You will need to personally check with me if you are late to be sure I have you marked for being present. I cannot accept being told a following day that you were present and not marked. You must be marked for attendance on the day or it will not count.
  3. SPEECHES: Everyone is in the same situation - to have a speech prepared for a certain date. All speeches will be due on the first day of presentations and I will call names randomly. If you can not give a speech when it is due a zero grade will be awarded for that speech and it can not be made up. Being absent will not work unless there is a letter from campus central or a doctor’s note – there are no exceptions to this as speeches take up a large part of the class time and we can not wait until the student is “ready” as most people want to go last and that is impossible with a large class.


Office hours:

after 4 pm Please make individual arrangements to meet with me.


Phone 442-2604 (SUNY)

E-mail: neuage@albany.edu (must have SUNY/yourname  or I will not open the email)


We will divide into groups beginning WEEK THREE. There will be weekly group work and a group presentation at the end of term.


Be sure you are aware of the university’s plagiarism policy (http://www.albany.edu/undergraduate_bulletin/regulations.html)


Please write who you are in the subject or I will delete it. For example, I do not know who kool-dude@hotmail.com is and I will delete it. You need to say ‘SUNY/Biemond’ (of course if your name is not Biemond you would not put that) “re. Assignment 1”. Unless I reply within 24-hours then assume I have not received your email. Because of various email software and filters and different word programs that sometimes do not translate properly if you use attachments send them as a text .rtf or doc or html file only.

Speech Assignments

On the first day of speeches (whether you are giving your speech or not)

  1. Turn in a clean copy of your speech outline typed and doubled spaced in 12-point font with a cover sheet (available at cover.htm)  
  2. Include any sources as a bibliography – four is the minimum.

Introduction Speech introduction.htm

Intro Speech

Dates due

Time length



Introductory of a classmate

September 06

3 - 4 minutes


Interview classmate and present to audience.

 Speech # 2 Informative Speeches information.htm

Speech 2

Dates due

Time length




September 27 ~ October 18

9-11 minutes

Formal Outline

Use outside reading and research. See note 2 below.

Additional notes

 The assessment sheet is at  evaluation.htm

Speech #3 Persuasive Speeches persuasive-assessment.htm

Speech 3

Dates due

Time length




November 01 ~ November 15th

11-12 minutes

Formal outline

Same topic as 2. Use outside reading and research.

Additional notes

 The assessment sheet for this speech is at persuasion.htm

Speech #4 Ceremonial Speeches Speech 4

Speech 4

Dates due

Time length




November 29

Group speeches

See note 4 below.

December 01

3-5 minutes

Individual speeches

Additional notes




See calendar for dates and content. calendar1.htm 

 Ceremonial speeches- awards individual - homework assignment 3


PRINT FROM  cover.htm