In your group you will discuss what I present as a mini speech.

I will give each group a topic heading to discuss – you are to take notes and write up what your group came up with. I would expect a few paragraphs and your own personal take on it – not a word for word text as the others in your group. You are to write your ‘report’ from your notes. For example our first speech workshop will be on audience. Following my mini-talk on audiences each group will be given a particular audience and issues dealing with the audience. For example your talk may be on why gansta rap should be used at the beginning of the school day in primary schools and your audience is right-wing conservatives and the venue is the local synagogue and there is a baby daycare group in the same room as well as a protest march outside… or some such thing – I will make up a different scenario for each group. The reason, as we will find, is that there are certain things you will need to know about your audience before giving a speech.

The five workshops (which will be on three days for my Tuesday and Thursday class) will cover the following topics: ‘Audience’, ‘Evidence and Reasoning’, ‘Organisation’, ‘Language’ and delivery.