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1. Week One. 1

2. Week Two. 2

3. Week Three. 2

4. Week Four 2

5. Week Five ~ break. 3

6. Week Six. 3

7. Week Seven. 3

8. Week Eight 3

9. Week Nine. 4

10. Week Ten. 4

11. Week Eleven. 5

All outlines are due today. 6

12. Week Twelve. 6

13. Week Thirteen. 6

Today 24 April we will be persuaded by... 6

14 Week Fourteen. 6

Monday. 6

Wednesday. 6

1. Week One

Monday, January 23


overview of class syllabus
Introduction speech

interview classmate first assignment/speech


Wednesday, January 23


Introduction of class mate

2. Week Two

Monday, January 30, 2006

Remaining of Introduction of class mate

Impromptu speaking


Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Eleven remaining Impromptu Speeches


Preparing for your Information speeches ~ notes


v     Feb. 1 Wednesday   TODAY re. Information Speeches

v     Feb. 6 Monday Audience 

v     Feb. 8 Wednesday  Evidence and Reasoning and Research

v     Feb. 13 Monday  Organisation

v     Feb. 15 Wednesday  Delivery

Week 6  Feb. 27 Monday Speech 1 

3. Week Three

Monday, February 06, 2006

Information speeches beginning

      PowerPoint Presentation



Wednesday, February 08


Supporting Your Speech

Power Point Presentation

Class Notes

Evaluation for this speech

4. Week Four

Monday, 13 February


        mark sheet (what I use to mark your speech) ~

todays work 


        language ~ PowerPoint of language

        Standard Citation of Supporting Evidence

        Report 3

        Report 4

Wednesday, 15 February


     Check List for your speech not every category is for you but go over this and see if it is useful for your.

     Delivery class notes

     PowerPoint presentation

     Report 5 

5. Week Five ~ break

6. Week Six

Monday, February 27, 2006

All outlines with references are due on 27th February without exception

7. Week Seven

Speakers for 06 March

8. Week Eight

Monday 13 March

Wednesday 15 March

Rest of speeches and first quiz and hand up all reports - be sure you put a cover sheet with the reports cover.htm

9. Week Nine

Monday 20, March

1.      quiz

2.      Review Information Speeches

3.      Next Speech begins Wednesday 5th April

Wednesday 22

1.      Logos Ethos Pathos

2.      Power Point PLEASE REVIEW

3.      Monroe Motivated Sequence KNOW THIS IT WILL BE ON YOUR NEXT TEST

4.      Report 1 the second part re. food sign language

10. Week Ten

March 27th Monday

  1. Hand up your speech thesis statement

Referencing within your speech in your bibliography Work's Cited of all sources used Internet-Referencing

All sources used to support your thesis statement must be included in a works cited page following MLA citation format. There is an MLA Style Manual in Library reference or you may get citation examples from the following websites:

Using Modern Language Association (MLA) Format

MLA Style: Documenting Sources from the World Wide Web


3.      Read re. ending your speech well

  1. Video and handout sheets for Report 2

groupwork 2 video for two and do groupwork 3



Here are some simple calls to action linked to benefits that can serve as examples:

Approve this new program to increase revenue by 20%.
To increase revenue 20%, approve this new program.

This new infrastructure will not only meet our needs of today, but will lay the foundation of our growth for the coming decade. We must fund this project today.

If we vote today to support this program, Bithanisulum will be the first new product in its class, first to market, and first in sales for at least three years. However, if we wait any longer, we will miss our milestones, not be first to market, and never reach our goals. Vote now to support this program.

Your check for $100000000 will feed four children for four months. As you sit down to this dinner, take comfort in the fact that you are not the only one who will not go hungry. Sign your check now.

Killing this project today is the only way for us to avoid following our former competitors out of this market and out of business



March 29th Wednesday

  1.  Language
  2. Peer Evaluation


Grading sheet

Small groups

5.      Listening and Nixon video Richard M. Nixon, "Checkers" Speech (September 1952)



Report 4 video for report four - Kennedy Outlining and Report 5

 Report 3 5

11. Week Eleven

All outlines are due today

12. Week Twelve

13. Week Thirteen

Today 24 April we will be persuaded by


14 Week Fourteen



Award and acceptance speeches because of a lack of time we will not have group acceptance speeches but will have only the individual acceptance speeches due next Monday the same day as our quiz and reports packet number 3 which will have only reports 3, 4, and five with them.

Today we will cover



        Awards evaluation sheet

        Other types of speeches: Eulogies, commemorative speeches

        Report 4 video for Best Chant  award and report 5

        Your individual award