ACOM 203Y Speech Composition and Presentation

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Class Number: 1921   (Spring 2006)


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Speech two INFORMATION SPEECH to be given in week five/six February 27 – March 13th


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The purpose of the informative speech is to provide interesting, useful, and unique information to your audience. It can be for any amount of time. Of course ours will be ten to eleven minutes.

Outline for today’s class

1.      Types of Informative Speeches: Objects ~ Processes ~  Events ~ Concepts ~ Places

2.      Purposes of Informative Speaking

3.      Strategies for selecting a topic – Interests/employment/travel/how something works

4.      Framing a thesis statement. We will go over this in class


Once you settle on a topic give it a title frame and a thesis statement (a couple of sentences on what your information speech will be on) – and handup next Monday the 6th of February

·        This speech is more “academic” than your introduction of your partner speech and will require some research

·        Present a speech of 10 to 11 minutes, which informs the audience about some object, concept, or event.

·        Present this speech from a brief speaking outline either on approximately 3 pages, one side per page or 10 note cards. (up to 5”x8”, one side only)

·        Use at least one visual aid including (but not limited to):

Ř      Overhead projections ~ Slides ~ Video clips (no longer than 1 minute) this can be on a CD or disk if saved from the Web ~ Poster boards, handouts ~ PowerPoint presentation (no more than six slides) including at least two visual elements (pictures, graphics, charts, etc.) ~ Any object (prop) that will help to present their topic (be creative!)

You will discuss various topics in your group on Monday the 6th of February. For your homework assignment for this class between today and next Monday you will brainstorm with your group and write down ideas for topics for your introduction speech and this will be report number oneYou will have between today and next Monday to choose your topic for your INTRODUCTION SPEECH.

****** It is your responsibility to let me know before the day of your speech if you need audio visual-aides/overhead transparencies (give me your pages to make transparencies) – Internet/computer-projector for PowerPoint etc. and to work out the SmartBoard


YOU WILL NEED TO HAND-UP Monday February  27ththe day of the first presentation your outline for your speech. Everyone has to hand this up at the same time whether your speech is on this day or not.

What you need to hand in on the day of your speech:

  1. Topic + thesis sentence, which you handed in Monday the 6th of February
  2. AUDIENCE Tell who you are addressing (class/govt/protest/education…)
  3. Complete Preparation Outline (typed one side per page/ easy to read font/spell and grammar checked/page numberd) This will include FIVE STEPS

1.      A Title for your speech (be creative)

2.      Hand in a rationale and your full manuscript of your speech

3.      Specific Purpose statement

4.      Central Idea 

5.      Detailed Outline (I will give an example in a future class)

6.     Proper  Bibliography including at least 3 sources.

  1. Speaking Outline or Note Cards that you used during the speech. (See Handout or pp. 246-249 in text)
  2. Audio-Visual Aids that you used during your speech. (Handouts, Overhead Transparencies, PowerPoint print out the slides to hand-up)