COM 203 Speech Composition and Presentation - Terrell Neuage

MW 4.15 - 5.35 PM

Class Number: 1989  (Spring 2005) 


OFFICE HOURS: by appointment

telephone 442 2604 ROOM # 386 SS building  email: or  


Introduction speeches



These speeches will begin on Monday 24 January.

On Wednesday  19th January you will ‘get to know’ the person sitting behind you through interviewing (unless of course you are the last person in the row then you will interview the person in front or next to you). Depending on the time available in class you will gather enough information to give a speech about the person in class or you will need to get their email address or see them between the end of class on Tuesday and the beginning of class on Thursday. Have notes either in an outline format or 3x5 cards. You can be factual or fictitious but you need to be persuasive. Follow roughly the following example.

  • Firstly you must say who your audience is. Feel free to be creative. For example, state that your audience is your classmates, a parole board, the American people, Albany City Council, business hiring panel, sports team…
  • Give your name (this must be the one real part as I can not note you have done this unless I have your real name)
  • I would like to introduce ‘Cardinal Bush’ – here you can say what the person’s studies are if the audience is your classmates or why the person you are presenting should be released from prison (if the audience is a parole board) or any other identifying thing.
  • Give your speech. For example in a presentation to the Albany City Council you could say, “I present you with Cardinal Bush. Bush lives in Washington D.C. and is an aerosol artist who believes piecing enhances foreign urban landscapes….  As an artist and activist, urban capitalist rapper Cardinal Bush’s piecing brings life to….  In his youth the Cardinal was just a toy tagger running with a crew of environmentalistic greenie degenerate democrats in a hood ruined by rampart materialism. Now Bush is a well sought after man of piece (peace from piece has been a long running campaign from Pope Bush to Cardinal Bush).  I appeal to the City Council to provide DJ Cardinal Bush with a blank check so he is able to obtain the resources…