Speech Assignment 2. MARK OF 0- 3 for each



Topic of persuasive speech



Attention Step (focus listeners' attention) Intro

Audience identified


Orient Audience Toward Topic


Preview of what will be said.


Opened with impact?


Need Step (a real problem exists) Body

Statement of Need


Illustration of Need





Satisfaction Step (propose a solution to the problem) Body

Statement of Solution or purpose for such action






Meeting Objections



Evidence and Reasoning Body





Claims linked to evidence


Credibility Statement


Showed researched topic




Variation in kinds of evidence


Meaningful ordering of points, meaningful and clear transitions between sections and arguments.


Purposeful use of language for argument, structure, and interest


Gestures and facial expressions



Suitability of style of delivery for audience and topic


Appropriate visual aids


Eye-contact - confidence


Extemporaneously delivered


Clarity of diction, variation in intonation and pitch


Showed enthusiasm


Concrete Action Outlined for Audience


Purposeful non-verbals (e.g. gestures and facial expressions)


Your view of the topic has been influenced


Stayed within the time limit:10 12 min


Concluded with impact



Total 90 (+10pts=outline/refer)