Report 3  NAME__________________________________________


Report 3A


From the video; Activist-Awards, on “1998 Access News Activist Awards” (Available in the library in the video section: DU 117 A22V 1998 NTSC)


  1. How are these award presentations different than the Oscars?



  1. What are the criteria to receive recognition at the annual Access News Activist Awards?



  1. On the Best Speech award – who did you think had the best speech (it only shows a small portion of each speech therefore you need to ascertain the answer from the sample speech) before the winner was announced and why?




What is the trophy that is handed out and why is it what it is and not a figurine like at the Oscars?

Report 3B




  1. Which chant did you choose as best chant? (prior to the winner being announced)



  1. If you were on the selection committed what would be your selection criteria? (I.E. – words – event – rhythm/beat/music  - originality – effect?)



  1. What would (should) have been added to the winners acceptance speech?



  1. As this was a group acceptance award – compare it to your own award and answer:





·        Who nominated you?


·        Who invited you to join this group or encouraged you to get involved in this project or event?


·        How do you feel about the people and the organization's goals that you won best of in?


·        Why are they giving you this award?


·        When was the first time you participated in your award topic and what were your experiences?




·        Have you seen someone else accept this same award? People will not remember all the details of what you say, but they will remember the stories you tell. Write a memorable vignette or incident, something entertaining or touching about your connection.