Homework Assignment 3


Assignment 3 will be due Week 15, at the time of your final exam and will be handed in with your other assignments as well as the reports from section three awards.


Critique one professional speech. If something does not apply for example they did not use video aides put NA in the space or it was an information speech or an award acceptance speech then some areas may not apply.

I want more than a one or two work answer. Say how it was done for example how did the speaker open with impact or express a statement of need


Use this evaluation sheet [http://se.unisa.edu.au/speech/homework3mark.htm] to critique one professional speech from the list below or any other one you find. Be sure to give a reference for your speech. They are available as audio mp3 files if you cannot listen to them on your computer you can listen to them in LC3 or LC4 though you will need to bring your own headsets to listen with if at SUNY and if at Sage use the computer labs.



Speech Texts