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Question 1. 1

Question 2. 1

Question 3. 1

Question 4. 2


For this report you will need to get some background information from these or similar sites

v     See Yodeling Teenage Queen (,14989,365507,00.html)

v     Intro/Cowgirl Loop/More (

v     Yodel Challenge Champion at Yahoo!Yodeling King (

From the example above using the same headings in the left column write up what an award for Yodeling Queen of the year in the chart at the end of report5. (Yodeling started out as a means of communications between next-door neighbours. But the neighbours were one peak instead of one door apart. Mountain peak that is).


This award is based on outstanding service to the emergency management profession including service to the EMI SIG, sharing useful emergency management information across the EMI SIG, and presenting on emergency management topics at EMI SIG meetings.


The award will go to an individual who is an EMI SIG member and a DOE contractor employee. 


Any EMI SIG member may nominate an eligible candidate using the proscribed nomination process, which will be a form (attached) issued to all EMI SIG members preceding the annual meeting. 


The candidate will be selected by the EMI SIG Steering Committee members.


The award will be made annually at the EMI SIG meeting at the discretion of the Steering Committee, based on review of the nominations received.


The award will be a plaque and desk set to recipient and letter of commendation to recipient's site management.


No EMI SIG Steering Committee Member shall be eligible for the award while serving as a Steering Committee member.


The award will be given during the opening general session of the EMI SIG annual meeting.


Question 1.

Fill this in based on the above

Question 2.

What would you say in your thank you speech at an MTV award if you were yodeling queen of the year and your audience was made up of hip hop and pop music enthusiasts and they were all laughing at you? BTW this is the first year for yodeling queen of the year.

Question 3.

What is the difference between these speeches? And how are they different from a persuasive speech? These will be on your final


After-Dinner Speaking


Toast (and when would you give it?)


Roast (and when would you give it?)


Invocation (and when would you give it?)


Presentation speech (and when would you give it?)


Testimonials (and when would you give it?)

Question 4

Pick any acceptance speech from one of the sites below and answer these questions – links worked as of Wednesday, December 07, 2005 4:25:52 PM


Speech Texts

1.      What was the occasion for the Speech? How did the occasion influence what was said?

2.      Did the speaker fulfill the expectations of decorum?

3.      What was the value to society of this award?


Award for Yodeling Queen/King of the Year