WE ARE HERE - due to omicron & worries about borders we have moved our trip forward by a week - Lahore Pakistan arrived the fourth of December. See ya soon, on our (covid) 15-week world tour: Abu Dhabi (UAR), Lahore Pakistan (December 4 - 22), Istanbul Turkey (December 23), Washington DC (December 24 - 30), New York City (December 30 - 31), Oneonta New York (January 1 - 4), Washington DC (January 4 - 17), Nieuwerkerk aan den Ijssel & Utrecht Netherlands (January 18th) return to Australia late March 2022 [what could possibly go wrong] See our photos in Facebook -

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Leaving Australia 'Again': Before the After 
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Leaving Australia 'Again': Before the After 
Now in print and delivered to your door Leaving Australia 'Again': Before the After Read the first 45 pages for free
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HAPPY 74TH BIRTHDAY TO ME eighty-four days ago

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She was a carefree flower girl of 18
Selling flowers on Bourbon Street
I was a street artist...

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Adelaide, South Australia
I am a dual Citizen (USA & Australia)

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  • E-Learning Specialist K-12 and University (1998 - current)
  • Technology Integrator K-12 (Reception - 12) Learning Technology Coach
  • Lower School Computer Teacher K - 5
  • Middle School (MYP) Computer Teacher 6 - 8
  • High School Computer Teacher 9 - 12
  • University Communication Professor/Lecturer
  • Director of Technology K-12
  • Department Chair K-12
  • Teacher Trainer
  • Online Editor of scholarly magazine
  • Designer of on-line courses
  • Researcher
  • Artist - Writer - Poet
  • Web content and Design Adobe Badges
  • Newsletters for mobile devices
  • New York City Safety Maps
  • Certificate of Teacher Registration issued by South Australia - Expiry Date 31-JAN-2020
  • updated Responding_to_abuse_and_neglect__certificate 20 October 2015
  • Personal statements on teaching Technology Blog Personal Blog

        Current Employment 2020

    Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) South Australia - (TRT) relief teacher K - 12 Schools Certificate of Teacher Registration issued by South Australia - Expiry Date 31-JAN-2020

    Recent Employment and Educational Involvement

    #Dalian American International School Dalian, China August 1st 2011 - June 2014

    #St. Luke's School New York City

    #Tabor College Adelaide, South Australia

    #Ross Global Academy August 2009 - June 2011  NYC

    #Torrens Valley School Adelaide, South Australia

    Technology Integration Coordinator K - 12; Upper School ~ Computer teacher ~ multimedia specialist, in-house videocasting show > DAISlive... Dalian American International School, Dalian, China. MORE / letter of reference from DAIS

    #St. Luke's School West Village, NYC substitute teacher K - 8

    #Tabor College Guest Lecturer @ Tabor College, Adelaide on technology in K - 12 August & September 2010

    #Ross Global Academy > Director of Technology Integration and Computer Teacher K-8. New York City. Established school newsletters in each grade; ran Mac Server; led a group of 8th grade students through an eleven week advertising course involving one of the world's leading advertising firms (JWT) and the Youth Enrichment Program (see complete course);

    #Torrens Valley School, Grades 8 - 11. Adelaide, South Australia. Ten Week Practicum for Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning

    #Dwight School January 2008 - June 2009 NYC

    #Dwight School January 2008 - June 2009 NYC Technology and Creative Design teacher 6 -10 Middle Year Program (MYP) International Baccalaureate (IB). (course notes https://neuage.org/dwight/) Technology Integration grades 6 - 10. Notes on Secondlife project

    #Albany Academies; Albany New York

    August 2005 - June 2008

    ü       As teacher I taught web design (Macromedia and Adobe), animation, Microsoft software, and developed curriculum for these courses.

    ü       As teacher trainer I provided individual computer help for teachers on a needs basis.

    ü       As Director of Technology I drew up a long term technology plan and gave oversight to the successful implementation of technology into classroom practice.

    ü       As Chair of the computing department I oversaw curriculum development, administrated budget, and worked with staff.


    #University at Albany; August 2002 - June 2005

    Taught and designed courses in speech, “Globalization and Culture” and “Communicating on the Internet”.


    #Russell Sage College
    ; Troy New York

    Taught and designed courses in speech and Interpersonal Communication.




    Web editor;

    Formatted and edited manuscripts for online journals. Example




    #University of South Australia; February 1999 - July 2002

    Taught courses in "Computers, Communication and Society", "Information Systems", "Globalisation of Technology", "Communications, Internet, Culture and Community", and taught Practical Computer Skills.


    #Albany Academies Director of Technology, Computer Academic Chair, Teacher Trainer, Computer Teacher (grades 7 -12 Albany Academy and Albany Academy for Girls Albany,) New York. 2004-June 2006. Course online at: https://neuage.org/AA/index.htm wikispaces











    #University at Albany Adjunct Professor, University at Albany, State University of New York, Department of Communication. Speech Presentation, Globalisation and Culture” and “Communication and the Internet”. 2002-2006. Course online at: https://neuage.info/PS/ACOM203-1.htm Course online at: https://neuage.info/GC/gc.htm Course online at: https://neuage.info/COM465/com465.htm  

    #Russell Sage College Adjunct Professor, Russell Sage College Troy, New York. Department of Communication. Oral Communication, Interpersonal Communication. 2003-2004. Communicating on the Internet.
    Course online at: Interpersonal Communications
      Lecturer, University of South Australia. 2000 – 2002.


    Web editor “The Electronic Journal of Communication” / “La Revue Electronique de Communication” Communication Institute for Online Scholarship. http://www.cios.org/  2002-2008.

    Past Employment

    Adolescent Worker; Adelaide South Australia

    Worked with teenagers in crisis care.


    Artist in the Park;

    Set up project with the cooperation of the Adelaide City Council for artist to display and sell their work in Rymill Park on weekends.


    Light Foods of Australia;

    Manufactured and distributed tofu and products made from tofu. Gave classes in tofu cooking through TAFE Colleges and published "Tofu Cooking" (1982 South Australia). Owner of Light Foods Australia, managed nine employees.



    Nursing; Hawaii

    Counselor and Psychiatric Nursing Assistant. Counseled patients, wrote nursing notes, dispensed medication.



    Nursing; Baltimore Maryland

    Counselor and Psychiatric Nursing Assistant. Counseled patients, wrote nursing notes, dispensed medication.

    Adolescent worker, South Australia Family and Community Services - Noarlunga and Aberfoyle Park. 1997 – 2001.


    Manager and artist. Artist in the Park Project, South Australia. 1993 - 1996.



    Food Manufacturer.
    Light Foods Australia, Tofu manufacturer, Adelaide, South Australia. 1981-1989. See 'Tofu Again' an e-book









    Nursing. Queens Medical Center, Honolulu Hawaii. 1979 - 1981.




    Shepherd Pratt Hospital, Towson Maryland. 1974 - 1978.
    Volunteer Work

    Schools Unite Network "SUN"
    New York City

    Radio Station;
    Helped to establish community radio station in Victor Harbor, South Australia. Worked as secretary, prepared news, and established children's radio (CAR - Children's Radio Australia). Wrote content and bylaws, supervised a volunteer team, and established the first community radio station in the area.

    Mt. Compass Day Care Centre;

    Established day care centre for country South Australia.

    February 2007 - current. Creating and maintaining School Safety Patrol Maps. See, Safety Routes for the Upper East Side

    Community Work, Encounter FM, Victor Harbor, South Australia. 1989 - 1994.




    Day Care Centre. 1985 - 1988, Mt. Compass.


    View Certificates as single .pdf file


    Certificate Responding to abuse and neglect


    Graduate Diploma in Teaching And Learning: Charles Darwin University - Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia - Completed November 2010


    PhD, Communication and New Media, University of South Australia, Degree awarded 2005 (Thesis, ‘Conversational Analysis of chatroom “talk”’). Thesis online at https://neuage.org/All.htm


    Masters of Arts, Literature, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia, Degree awarded 1997 (Thesis, ‘Internet influence on Literature’).


    Bachelor of Arts with Honors, Children's Literature, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia, Degree awarded 1995.


    Bachelor of Arts, Journalism, Literature, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia, Degree awarded 1994.


    Advanced Diploma of Arts, Professional Writing, TAFE, Adelaide, South Australia, Degree awarded 1991


    A+ CompTIA PC Technician Ace Computer Training Center 212 695 9700 NYC Certification March, 2010 .


    Microsoft Windows Server 2008Ace Computer Training Center 212 695 9700 NYC Certification April, 2010

    Diploma In Adobe Illustrator Auckland College. September 2015


    Advanced TESOL Certification, Global TESOL College, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 2004.


    TESOL Specialization Certification, 'Teaching Computer English', Global TESOL College, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 2005.


    International Baccalaureate "Teacher Training Level 1 Certifcate" Alexandria, Virginia. Completed 08 October 2007.

    Digital Badges (Badges are designed to make visible and validate learning in both formal and informal settings, and hold the potential to help transform where and how learning is valued. MacArthur Foundation)

    Lynda.com certificates


    Adobe Generation Professional: Video Digital Creativity in the Classroom

    Adobe Education: Train the TrainerAdobeGenPro: Digital Imaging

    AdobeGenPro: Animation



    Upon request


    "Conversational Analysis of Chatroom talk" University of South Australia, 2005. 452 p. : ill. (some col.); 30 cm. + 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.). National Library of Australia.

    E-Books - Hardbacks - Paperbacks by Terrell Neuage

    Online research methodologies” (University of South Australia) to be published by Oxford Press, Australia.

    Vegy Fighters " published by Scholastic Press, Australia. 1992. Also online at https://neuage.org/vegi_fighters.pdf. Tofu Cookery” Published by Light Foods of Australia, South Australia, 1982. Thoughts in Pattern" Poetry self published in five volumes, New Orleans, Louisiana. 1974.

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