Leaving Australia (series)
Thoughts in Pattern - series

Long before/after ChatGPT exchanged this with that, there
is/was this story.
With/Without change. Listenable/Hearable. Readable.
Passed on momentarily/forever. Before/After.
As this is the oral version, I will whisper/scream it in
symbols for your silent understanding.
All noise removed
You are welcome!
© Terrell Neuage, formally Terrell Adsit (pre-1980)

Terrell Neuage’s books “leaving Australia” are memoirs of his life as a traveller, a hippie, a cult member, a single parent, a tofu maker, an astrologer, and a survivor of hepatitis C and the suicide of son, Leigh Neuage - LA Dodgers baseball player at age 20. He shares his stories of love, loss, adventure, and discovery, from the 1960s to the present day. He also reflects on his identity as an adoptee, a dual citizen, and a new-age atheist. The book is divided into two parts: “Before the After” and “After”. The first part covers his childhood, youth, and early adulthood, while the second part covers his later years, his travels, and his current life in Adelaide, South Australia.

A dual Citizen (USA & Australia) though considered a world citizen and (surprise surprise) your neighbour.

If you are interested in reading his book, you can find it on Amazon in both paperback and e-book formats. You can also visit his website to learn more about his work, his photography, his art, and his blogs1. He is a prolific writer and a creative artist who has a unique perspective on the world.

About the author: Terrell Neuage and his dozen books (paperback and ebooks) of his picture poetry.

A bit of schooling starting 1991 at age 45 after leaving New York, 1963 at age 16 to do the 1960s and explore the world.
Still exploring the world (2024) see blogs of past twenty-years at https://neuage.me

  1. Dr Terrell Neuage - PhD from University of South Australia 2005
  2. Master of Arts, Literature, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia 1997
  3. Bachelor of Arts with Honors, Children's Literature, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia, 1995
  4. Bachelor of Arts, Journalism, Literature, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia, 1994.
  5. Graduate Diploma in Teaching And LearningCharles Darwin University - Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, 2010
  6. Advanced Diploma of Arts, Professional Writing, TAFE, Adelaide, South Australia, 1991

 Shenendehowa Central School - New York - where I did the elementary, high school (some of) at. 1954 - 1964

See https://neuage.org/r.html for many jobs: mostly teaching at university (New York & South Australia) and middle and high schools in New York, Dalian, China, South Australia. Other jobs are nursing (Towson, Maryland/Queens Medical Center - Honolulu, Hawaii), Food Manufacturer (Australia's tofu king 1981 - 1987) etc.

Leaving Australia 'Again' deluxe: Before the After Hardcover

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Leaving America

We should all have our autobiography: for family, friends, strangers, neighbours…most of all, for ourselves. Not a blog, an AI script, or social media deletable – the story of our life that we can look back to see how we got to where we are now. The details. The roadmap. The journey. Our life so far…

This is my story. So FAR.

Much is difficult for me to believe but it was true. I have the receipts (photos, letters, trinkets) as my own proof. Long before AI could write our script – I lived it. It is time to throw away 76-years of stuff and move on. Stuffed dragged throughout the States, to China (three years in Dalian) and now in the shed here in Adelaide, South Australia. It is easy now that I have a record of it all that will not disappear in the cloud – it will all disappear into landfill. Cheers!
Lots of sex and drugs and escapes, alleged enlightenment, and rebirths quite often. Name changed to Neuage after a stoned moment in Hawaii where I thought I was new age – forty plus years ago. A son signed by the LA Dodgers who committed suicide when his girlfriend broke up with him weeks after he turned 20. Battles with hepatitis C, heart disease, death of my adopted brother from AIDS. Marriage, children raised as a single parent, 40-years an astrologer (no more – it’s all shit). Tofu manufacturer in Australia for close to a decade. Dual citizen. From high school drop out in the 1960s, New York to a college degree at age 44 – Australia – and a PhD at age 58. A world traveller living a simple life with lots of interpretations of the way it is. A new-age atheist – or not.

Leaving Australia, 'Again’: Book 2 ‘After’ [Print Replica] Kindle Edition

Leaving Australia book 2 Leaving Australia, 'Again’: Book 2 ‘After’

Book 2 tells the journey of being a male single parent in a foreign country. I tell the path that took one son, Leigh Neuage all the way to being a pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers to his death and the path of my other son from a difficult adolescence to a well-integrated human. My own path took me from being a high school drop out to a PhD and teaching at universities and seven years as a tofu manufacturer amongst many other attempts at finding a place in life.

Dr Neuage has been married to Bernarda (Narda) Biemond for twenty-two years as of 2024. They live in Adelaide, South Australia with their caravan, Holiday, and their truck, Billy which they travel around Australia with when not overseas. Their retirement plan since 2015 has been three months overseas (house exchanges) and three months Australia when they take off in their caravan in between times with family. See their blog of travel at https://neuage.me