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updated 28/06/2022

The Magic Mansion - A children's story based on the house below. Narda's father on a visit in 2008 (from South Australia with his brother from Utrecht Holland) remembered the house exactly and made a doll house for Maggie and Mabel of it - see The Magic Mansion

Data for Round Lake ~ Round Lake Village

first floor begin construction
outside begin construction
House February 19 2006

13 Second Street

short clip of our homes 13 and 15 Second Street

mum in Round Lake in the 1930s

oil painting of 13 and 15 Second Street

snow day 2004

original house
Photo from early 1920s of 15 Second Street

house as of 2006

updated Sunday, 08-March-2015 8:30 AM

1950s 15 Second Street Round Lake New York

Adelaide South Australia renovations 1. our happy loo 2. Kitchen floor laid 3. Robes Installed 4. Kitchen renovation 5. Life on a shelf

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Leaving Australia 'Again': Before the After 
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#DailyThoughts as of 07 May Saturday Adelaide, South Australia
#OurCurrentLifeWithCovid as of 17 June Friday Adelaide South Australia

HAPPY 74TH BIRTHDAY TO ME three-hundred & 17 days ago
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Leaving Australia 'Again': Before the After 
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