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Leaving Australia 'Again': Before the After 
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HAPPY 74TH BIRTHDAY TO ME one-hundred-ninty-four days ago

Leaving Australia 'Again': Before the After 
Now in print and delivered to your door Leaving Australia 'Again': Before the After Read the first 45 pages for free
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HAPPY 74TH BIRTHDAY TO ME seventy-seven days ago

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PhD thesis > 'Conversational Analysis of Chatroom Talk: Online Discourse Analysis' Method Kindle Edition
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#TerrellNeuage PhD Click on image to see photos of Terrell Neuage from 1950 - when I was adopted at age 3 in upstate New York to July 2018 Adelaide, Australia


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The Magic Mansion Thoughts in Patterns 5
the latest book (2017) from Terrell Neuage NOW AVAILABLE PUBLISHED 29/12/2017 FROM AMAZON

updated 28 May 2016

Conversational Analysis of Chat Room Talk PHD thesis by Dr. Terrell Neuage  University of South Australia National Library of Australia.  

THESIShome ~ Abstract.html/pdf ~ Glossary.html/pdf ~  Introduction.html/pdf  ~ methodology.html/pdf  ~ literature review.html/pdf ~  Case Study 1.html/pdf~ 2.html/pdf~ 3.html/pdf~  4.html/pdf~ 5.html/pdf~  6.html/pdf~  7.html/pdf~discussion.html/pdf  ~ conclusion.htmlpostscipt.html/pdf~ O*D*A*M.html/pdf~ Bibliography.html/pdf~  911~ thesis-complete.htm/~ Terrell Neuage Home Appendixes  12345, 6, 7.  DATA ~ Case Study    1 ~ 2 ~ These links are from early notes and not the final edits which are in the published version available at the University of South Australia only. Not all links are active due to changing domains. Home page see https://neuage.co

(Terrell Neuage)
ODAM University of South Australia, 2005. 452 p. : ill. (some col.); 30 cm. + 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.). National Library of Australia.
  Video of UNISA doctorial award


My appreciation and thanks for the accomplishment of this study are directed to Dr Jackie Cook for her years of patience and guidance of this thesis. Without her this would not have been possible. I am much in debt to Dr Cook, of the department of Communication, Information and New Media at the University of South Australia, who read many re-written manuscripts with an eagle eye, often at the other end of an Internet connection, answering what seemed to be unanswerable questions and supplying desperately needed assistance and suggestions. 

I also thank Associate professor Maureen Nimon for keeping me on track and giving valuable advice and Professor Claire Woods, School of Communication, Information and New Media for guidance and reading of this work.

And I thank my wife, Narda Biemond, for putting up with my doing this thesis year after year and for her suggestions and support.

I dedicate this thesis to my sons, Sacha and Leigh Neuage, who began the process of online communication with me in the mid-1990s. Sacha’s creative and free spirit has led him to achieve wonderful things in the world of art and music. As a critical thinker, he has challenged me often to dig deeper, and to further explore my own position on many issues.  Leigh was a baseball player for Australia and for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Leigh died on 16th August 2003 at the age of 20, at the same time I was completing this. Many people whose lives he impacted remember Leigh’s generosity and kindness to others in an electronic guest book.  I was a single parent with two boys, aged 14 and 17, when I started this thesis in 1998. We all questioned whether there would ever be a completion date for this and now I have come this far. My two sons, Sacha and Leigh, have been my primary motivation for the past 20 years to succeed.

Thanks guys.

Leigh Neuage 6th July 1983 - 16th August 2003         every place I go I go with you ~ thanks for being always with me always I only wish I could be with you.

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Leigh Neuage (July 6 1983 - August 16 2003) --

The Magic Mansion  Latest story >>>The Magic Mansion (https://neuage.org/MM/ Maggie and Mabel's Magic Mansion will take them wherever they wish to go. The house used for this story is a model made by my father-in-law after visiting our house in Round Lake, New York and upon return to Australia he built this model based on his memory of our house. The page for this house is at https://neuage.org/house/ As of October 2015 there are three chapters and an introduction to these adventures.


NEW SITE = JULY 2014 - https://neuage.us/2014/July/ - Today working on picture poem links starting around "better" (17 September 2014). Picture poems are the digital format of work I did as a street artist in New Orleans in the 1970s, as well as New York City, Honolulu, San Francisco and Adelaide South Australia. Follow @neuage

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