The Magic Mansion

Maggie and Mabel's Magic Mansion will take them wherever they wish to go. The house used for this story is a model made by my father-in-law after visiting our house in Round Lake, New York and upon return to Australia he built this model based on his memory of our house. The page for this house is at As of October 2015 there are three chapters and an introduction to these adventures. For more children stories from Terrell Neuage see

Maggie and Mble with The Magic Mansion at the beach

At The Beach

Maggie and Mabel have their Magic Mansion take them to the beach. They have many adventures on the beach including finding Terracotta Warriors when they dug a hole in the sand. ‘At the Beach’ it is at
Narration Narda Biemond Video Terrell Neuage

Maggie and Mabel having dinner with President Obama

Liam's Secret

The Magic Mansion 'Finding Liam’ in this section Maggie and Mabel go to Washington D.C. to find their cousin. They have lunch with President Obama and have many adventures including finding out what Liam’s Special Secret that he has.  The clip for this is at

Magie and Mabel at the Sydney Opera House

Australian Road Trip

This clip will be finished November 1, 2015. Magie and Mabel take a road trip across Australia in a Google Self-drive car and they go to the Sydney Opera House and Gundagai to discover that Waltzing Matilda is the Australian National Anthem.

A taste of this caper is at featuring the song "Along the Road to Gundagai".