Terrell Neuage APPENDIX      CASE STUDY Six

Conversational Analysis of Chat Room Talk PHD thesis by       Dr. Terrell Neuage  University of South Australia National Library of Australia.

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General Web3D Chat Log for Feb 2 2000

At http://web3d.about.com/compute/web3d/library/chatlogs/2000/blcl020900a.htm

Log on 020900.log started at Wed Feb 09 18:34:02 PST 2000 until 20:05:30 PST total time = 1 hour 31 minutes


Table 1

                                                number of entries

1.         Leonard                                  28

2.         web3dADM                           145

3.         brian                                       60

4.         justin                                       61

5.         pauline                                    22

6.         gordon (Web3DCEO)          117

7.         armani                                    8

8.         louis

            A/ = greetings or salutations

            B/ = statement- open noone in particular, ever who is in the chatroom

            C/ = statement - to someone named or previous (earlier) speaker

            D/ = answer - to someone named or previous (earlier) speaker

            E/ = answer - open - to ever who is in the chatroom

            F/ = question - open - to anyone - ever who is in the chatroom

            G/ = question - to someone specific or previouis (earlier) speaker

            ?/ = undetermined or not classifiable by one of the criteris above

            --- = (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF --- ABOVE)

            ** = uses abbreviations such as lol

            ** = uses emoticons in places of words or identify

            #/ = new thread (if a particular thread (direction of talk)

turn) type/ /\ to speaker


1)         B/                   1a.       Leonard

                                    Sort night for me tonight...

                                    Gotta take my oldest to scouts

brian joined.............

2)         D/        /\1        2a.       web3dADM

                                    sort night?


3)         A/        3a.      brian

                                     hi all

4)         B/        4a.      justin

                                     my first visit here; what's normal?

5)         B/         2b.      web3dADM

                                     I just got back (as always) from shlepping my son

6)         D/        /\02       1b.      Leonard

                                     Sort == new term for Short

7)         D/        /\04      3b.       brian

                                     not me

8)         D/        /\04      2c.       web3dADM

*)                                 NORMAL ;-)

*)                                 I try not to be normal ;-)

                                    nothing formal justin unless there is a guest

9)         D/        /\06 1c.          Leonard

                                    We are all normal, the rest of the world is crazy

10)      B/         2c.      web3dADM

            #/                    just got the Cult3D folks to agree to show up on March 3

11)      D/        /\10 4b.          justin

                                    what's cult3d

12)      D/         /\11     2d        . web3dADM

                                     it's another 3D format for the web

13)      G/        /\12     4c.       justin

                                     different from VRML or X3D?

14)      B/         2e.      web3dADM

                                     the interesting thing (IMHO) about cult is that they have a plugin

                                    of some sort for Acrobat

15)      D/        /\13 2f.            web3dADM

                                    yes different

16)      C/        /\15     3c.       brian

                                    Acrobat ... didn't know that

17)      B/         2g.       web3dADM

so you could create highly formatted PDF files with interactive

3D in them

18)      B/         3d.      brian

                                     cult3d seems expensive tho

19)      G/        /\17      4d.       justin

                                     is it an Active-X type download component?

20)      D/        /\19     2h.       web3dADM

                                    don't remember BUT

                                    go and get the new "3D Magazine" spring issue...special on


21)      F/          1d.      Leonard

#/         Anyone used Xeena?

22)      C/        /\20 1e.           Leonard

                         3D just arrived NEW SITE = JULY 2014 - http://neuage.us/2014/July/ - Today

23)      D/        /\21 2i.            web3dADM

                         no it's on my list

24)      C/        /\22 2j. web3dADM

                                     ahhh great Len

25)      C/        /\24      1f. Leonard

                                     It appears to be a memory HOG

26)      C/        /\25      2k.       web3dADM

                                     hmmmm I'm looking forward to your X3D course Len!

27)      C/        /\26      1g.       Leonard

                                     I'm working on it right now...

                                                21) - 27) dialogue between two people only

28)      G/        /\26      3e.       brian

                                     online course?

                                                brian doesn’t get a response until 38)

29)      G/        /\27      2l.        web3dADM

                                    was it hard to install the xeena stuff?

30)      D/        /\29      1h.       Leonard

                                     Xeena was easy to install...

31)      G/        /\30      2m.      web3dADM

                                     what do you use to view the X3D?

32)      D/        /\29      1i.        Leonard

                                     The downloads are big - particulary Java 2

33)      D/        /\29      1j.        Leonard

                                     I have DSL so that's not really a problem

34)      G/        /\33      2n.       web3dADM

yeah I'm a little concerned about installing Java2 on my machine

at work....will it screw up the other browsers?

35)      D/        /\34      1k.       Leonard

                                     Xeena has a X3D -> VRML XSL translator - then use your


36)      D/        /\34      1l.        Leonard

                                    I installed the Java 2 SDK

37)      G/        /\36      2o.       web3dADM

                                    so you view with VRML?

38)      D/        /\28      1m.      Leonard

                                    Brian: I will be teaching the X3D course at the VRML 2000


39)      C/        /\38      3f.        brian

                                    oh ... ta

40)      D/        /\39      1n.       Leonard

I will be offereing it on-line through Digital University sometime this

41)      C/        /\40      3g.       brian

                                    can't make it

42)      ----                   1n.       Leonard


                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 40 ABOVE)

43)      C/        /\40      2p.       web3dADM


44)      C/        /\40      2.q       web3dADM

I'd like to do one for ZDU but they don't seem interested yet

45)      D/        /\36      1o.       Leonard

                                    Righ now VRML is the only mechanism for viewing X3D.

46)      C/        /\34      1p.       Leonard

No one has written an X3D compliant browser - spec not final yet

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 45 ABOVE)

47)      B/                    3h.       brian

                                    still confused about x3d

48)      D/        /\47      2r. web3dADM

                                    so are most people brian

49)      F/                     3i.        brian

                                    r u talking about blaxxun and shout3d implimentations or           

                                    something else

50)      B/                    1q.       Leonard

                                    They are still debating some wrapping issues

pauline joined.............

51)      A/                    5a.       pauline

                                    hello there....

52)      A/        /\51      2s.       web3dADM

                                    hey pauline!

53)      C/        /\52      5b.       pauline

                                    hiya sandy ! how are things going ?

54)      B/                    1r.        Leonard

blaxxun and Shout have browsers based on their proposals, but no

ones proposals were adopted in totality

55)      A/        /\51      1s.       Leonard

                                    Hi Pauline

56)      A/        /\55      5c        pauline

                                    hi leonard !

57)      F/                     3i.        brian

                                    what do u refer to when u say x3d then?

58)      B/                    3j.        brian

                                    network lagged NEW SITE = JULY 2014 - http://neuage.us/2014/July/ - Today!!

59)      D/        /\57      1t.        Leonard

Think of X3D as redoing the infrastructure of VRML. It is not a change

60)      D/        /\57      1u.       Leonard

                                    in functionality, but a change in the language.

61)      G/        /\60      3k.       brian

                                    i thought it was a subset of vrml?

62)      D/        /\57      2t.        web3dADM

                                    x3d is VRML with an XML syntax

63)      B/                    1v.       Leonard

                                    Of course, Core X3D is MUCH smaller than VRML - about 1/2

                                    the nodes

64)      B/                    3l.        brian

                                    to allow small client downloads

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 61 ABOVE)

65)      F/                     5d.        pauline

                                    are there any add-ons compare vrml with x3d ??

66)      D/        /\65      2u.       web3dADM


67)      B/                    1w.      Leonard

                                    Core is a subset. The browsers looked to come in at about 50K

68)      1x.       Leonard

                                    they will download with the content

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 67 ABOVE)

69)      G/        /\66      5e.       pauline

                                    i mean additional nodes, for example ?

70)      D/        /\69      1y.       Leonard

                                    No additional nodes for X3D right now

71)      D/        /\70      2v.       web3dADM

                                    you can create your own...somehow

72)      F/                     2w.      web3dADM

                                    what is happening with extension mechanisms?

73)      F/                     3m.      brian

has the blaxxun and shout releases thrown a spanner into the works?

74)      C/        /\70-715f.        pauline

**                                 ah..i c..

75)      D/        /\73      2x.       web3dADM

                                    i think the blaxxun & shout stuff has helped! shows what is

                                    possible with no plugin

76)      F/         /\75      3n.       brian

                                    but what about compliance ... or don't u see that as too                                        important?

77)      E/        /\76      2y.       web3dADM

                                    compliance is very important

                                    but it's unclear to me how it will happen

78)      C/        /\77      3o.       brian


79)      B/                    1z.       Leonard

                                    There are proposals to add NURBS, multi-textures, and

                                    something else (I forget)

80)      F/                     3p.       brian

                                    so does xeena require java 2?

81)      D/        /\80      2z.       web3dADM

                                    yeah think so

81)      D/        /\80      1aa.    Leonard

                                    You can run Xeena with Java 1.1.7 (or so)

82)      B/                    3q.       brian

                                    i heard microsoft won't be supporting java2 in next ie

83)      C/        /\82      2aa.    web3dADM

                                    oh great

84)      B/                    1bb.    Leonard

There is a subgroup that is working on compliance someone from

                                    NIST Java is now available as a pluggin

85)      B/                    5g.       pauline

                                    sorry...be back in a min....

86)      B/                    1cc.     Leonard

                                    Of course, we all know what pluggins mean

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 84 ABOVE)

87)      B/                    1dd.    Leonard

                                    gotta go now. Try to make next week. See some of you in

                                    Monterey bye...

88)      A/        /\87      2bb.    web3dADM

                                    see ya

89)      G/        /\84      3r.        brian

                                    doesn't that defeat the purpose of java

Leonard left.............

90)      A/        /\87      3s.       brian


91)      D/        /\89      2cc.     web3dADM

                                    yeah i think it partially does brian

alexB joined.............

92)      B/                    3t.        brian

                                    small crowd

93)      A/                    3u.       brian

                                    hi alex

94)      B/                    2dd.    web3dADM

i guess MS and Sun will piss at each other about java for a while

95)      A/                    2ee.    web3dADM

                                    hi alex

alexB left.............

 96)     ?/                     2ff.       web3dADM

            **                     lol

97)      A/                    3v.       brian

                                    bye alex

98)      B/                    2gg.    web3dADM

*)                                 scared him right off ;-)

99)      C/        /\98      3w.      brian

**                                 lol

100)    B/                    3x.       brian

                                    wish i could get to a web3d conference some time!

101)    G/        /\100   2hh.     web3dADM

                                    where do you live brian?

102)    D         /\101   3y.       brian

                                                brisbane, AU

103)    F/                     4e.       justin

                                    What VRML options work within AOL?

104)    D/        /\103   3z.       brian


105)    C/        /\102   2ii.       web3dADM

                                    ahhh an ausse...a bunch of good vrml folks there

106)    D/        /\103   2jj.       web3dADM

                                    I don't believe AOL supports VRML at all

107)    F/                     4f.        justin

                                    Will X3D work better there because it's Java-based?

108)    D/                    2kk.     web3dADM

                                    which really sucks...but i'm not completely sure

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 106 ABOVE)

109)    F/         /\107   2ll.       web3dADM

X3D is not necessarity Java based that is just 1 implementation


110)    F/         /\107   2mm.  web3dADM

I'm sure there will be stand alone and plugin versions of X3D viewers

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 109 ABOVE)

111)    F/         3aa.    brian

                                    so did len say x3d not finalised yet?

112)    D/        /\111   2nn.     web3dADM

                                    x3d is not finalized yet...yes true

                                    i think the final spec is due by siggraph time this summer

                                    but a lot should happen at the web3d conference too

113)    G/        /\112   3bb.    brian

                                    is a lot of business done there?

114)    D/        /\113   2oo.    web3dADM

yeah quite a bit i suppose....most of the working groups meet

115)    C/        /\113   3cc.     brian

                                    there's not a lot of info about the BUSINESS of web3d

116)    C/        /\115   2pp.    web3dADM

                                    ahhh you mean money business?

117)    B/                    3dd.    brian

                                    maybe someone should write a regular column

                                    i'm interested in what makes some of these companies tick!

118)    B/                    3ee.    brian

                                    eg. blaxxun, shout etc

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 117 ABOVE)

119)                B/        5h.       pauline

                                    am back...

120)    A/        /\119   2qq.    web3dADM

                                    hi there

121)    A/        /\1205i.           pauline

            *)                     hi again. ;-)

122)    C/        /\117   2rr.      web3dADM

            *)                     well I'm writing lots ;-)

123)    C/        /\122   3ff.       brian

                                    yeh, you're the info hub!

124)    B/                    2ss.     web3dADM

                                    seriously...get the new "3D Magazine" issue on web3d

125)    C/        /\124   3gg.    brian

                                    ok we'll probably get it here in oz in a few months! :(

126)    B/                    2tt.       web3dADM

                                    ecommerce is certainly a good app...should help

127)    C/        /\126   2uu.     web3dADM

                                    it may be up on there web site soon www.3dgate.com

128)    ?/                     3hh.     brian


129)    F/                     5j.        pauline

                                    are there a lot of e-commerce sites doing vrml or 3d ??

130)    D/        /\129   2vv.     web3dADM

                                    definitly growing

131)    C/        /\126   3ii.       brian

                                    seems to have taken of (relatively) over the last 6 onths

132)    D/        /\129   2ww.   web3dADM

                                    ahhhh! www.3dgate.com has the new issue!

133)    D/        /\129   2xx.     web3dADM

                                    don't know if the content is online though

                                                (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 1122 ABOVE)

134)    C/        /\133   3jj.       brian


135)    -                       2yy.     web3dADM

                                    there is a good list of products from my article that is

                                    downloadable it appears


136)    C/        /\107   2zz.     web3dADM

                                    the chat does that often justin

137)    B/                    4g.       justin

                                    We're building a VRML/X3D content implementation

138     C/        /\137   2aaa.  web3dADM

*)                                 do tell ;-)

139)    C/        /\138   4h.       justin

                                    compositing real-world data for free-roaming simulation

140)    G/        /\139   2bbb.  web3dADM

                                    free-roaming simulation? what do you mean?

141)    B/                    4i.        justin

                                    still frustrated by VRML limitations

142)    C/        /\141   2ccc.   web3dADM

                                    yep lots of implementation hassles

143)    D/        /\141   4j.        justin

                                    essentially a magic carpet to go anywhere on Earth

                                    challenge is to stream data and create models "on-the-fly"

144)    C/-G/   /\143   2ddd.  web3dADM

                                    very cool....did you see Chris Thorne's article on getting rid

                                    of seams that would be relevant to you also

145)    F/                     4k.       justin

                                    curious whether x3d will really help, or whether we'll have to

                                    follow another path

146)    D/        /\141   2eee. web3dADM

                                    VRML doesn't stream really and yeah integrating with database

                                    and dynamic stuff is not easy

147)    C/        /\146   4l.        justin

                                    yes, saw that geovrml thread. Chris is very good in this  


148)    C/        /\146   4m.      justin

                                    We'd discovered that problem last year, and switched to IFS

                                    because of it

149)    G/        /\148   2fff.      web3dADM

                                    my guess is that it will be a while until x3d helps...but it's hard to

                                    say...do you have hard deadlines?

150)    C/        /\149   4n.       justin

                                    (smile) NOTE JUSTIN DOES NOT USE THE SMILE ICON

151)    ?/         /\151   2ggg.  web3dADM

**                                 lol

Gordon joined.............

152)    C/        /\149   4o.       justin

                                    of course, it's the nature of the start-up world!

153)    A/                    6a.       Gordon

                                    Hi hi

154)    C/        /\152   2hhh.   web3dADM

                                    it's a great application though

155)    A/        /\153   2iii.      web3dADM

                                    hi gordon

156)    A/        /\153   5k.       pauline

                                    hi gordon...

147)    A/                    6b.       Gordon


148)    F/                     6c.       Gordon

                                    what you guys talking about

149)    B/        /\154   4p.       justin

                                    Mobile Maps has an interesting solution

150) --                         4q.       justin

                                    and SkyLine Software are doing good work too

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 149 ABOVE)

151)    G/        /\149   2jjj.       web3dADM

                                    do you have URLs for them?

152)    G/        /\149   5l.        pauline

                                    justin, do u have urls for these ??

153)    D/        /\152/151 4r.  justin

                                    I can find them in a few minutes ..

154)    C/        /\153   2kkk.   web3dADM

                                    ok thanks ...think i may have seen the mobile maps stuff

155)    F/         6d.       Gordon

                                    what's mobile map?

156)    D/        /\155   2lll.       web3dADM

                                    terrain visualization i think

157)    B/                    4s.       justin

not finding them fast enough. I think *.com will find them both

                                    Mobile Maps may be with HighLand Software

158)    B/                    6e.       Gordon


159)    B/                    4t.        justin

                                    Both are real-world streaming 3D viewers

160     ---                    4u.       justin

One of these companies will have a full solution within the

year I predict

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 159 ABOVE)

161)    B/                    2mmm.web3dADM

                                    mobilemaps.com goes to some weird site

162)    D/        /\155   4v.       justin

                                    Essentially a flight simulator to anywhere

163)    B/                    2nnn.   web3dADM

i think there is an israeli company also that some

terrain viz stuff with VRML

164)    B                     4v.       justin

                                    Fun part will be to get high-resolution for any spot

165)    C/        /\163   5m.      pauline

*)                                 lol, hopefullly is a family site, sandy ! ;-)

166)    C/        /\165   2ooo.  web3dADM

**                                 lol think so!

167)    C/        /\163   4w.      justin

                                    Yes, I think TWO Israeli cos. Don't remember names

168)    C/        /\167   2ppp.  web3dADM

                                    i'm sure i have it on my companies page

169)    B/                    4x.       justin

                                    The LOD work in the GeoVRML group is important

170)    F/                     6f.        Gordon

#/         hey, guys, what do you think of the new Cosmo software


171)    C/        /\169   2qqq.  web3dADM

                                    yeah there are doing good stuff in GeoVRML

172)    C/        /\170   4y.       justin

                                    I saw the re-emergence of Cosmo. About time!

173)    D/        /\171   2rrr.     web3dADM

                                    the Cosmo page is GREAT it links to me :-) for the gallery

174)    C/        /\173   6g.       Gordon


175)    C/        /\170   4z.       justin

                                    Still looks like the old software, though

176)    C/        /\175   5n.       pauline

*)                                 :-)

177)    C/        /\175   2sss.   web3dADM

                                    yeah old softwrae

178)    B/                    6h.       Gordon

                                    I like the old cosmo gallery

179)    ?/                     6i.        Gordon

*)                                 ;)                     

180)    B/                    4aa.    justin

                                    Viewpoint is very prominent

181)    B/                    3kk.     brian

                                    all old stuff too little ... too late

182)    B/                    2ttt.      web3dADM

                                    I intend on creating a new gallery also actually

183)    C/        /\182   6j.        Gordon


184)    ---                    6k.       Gordon


                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 183 ABOVE)

185)    ---                    6l.        Gordon

                                    I think cosmo has got some great gallery of it's own isn't it?

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 183ABOVE)

186)    B/                    2uuu.   web3dADM

                                    Hopefully in the near future I will start asking folks to send me

                                    Worlds for a gallery              

187)    B/                    6m.      Gordon

                                    I still havn't seen that famous "Aztec" vRML

188)    C/        /\185   2vvv.    web3dADM

                                    they used to....but I suspect lots of it was broken

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 159 ABOVE)

189)    B/                    4bb.    justin

                                    What sort of polygon limits do you typically think of?

190) 6n.          Gordon

it was said to be in "Developer section of the old Cosmo site"

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 187 ABOVE)

191)    C/        /\181   2www. web3dADM

                                    ahhh yeah from Hartman's book ...probably on the CD

192)    C/        /\191   3ll.       brian

                                    got the book ... not cd tho

193)2xxx.        web3dADM

                                    SGI had lots of very cool VRML

194)    ?/                     2yyy. web3dADM


195)    C/        /\193   3mm.  brian

                                    still do

196)    B/        /\191   6o.       Gordon


197)    B/        /\191   6p.       Gordon

                                    the funny thing is

198)    B/                    3nn.     brian

                                    sgi visual workstatio demos by sam chen are great

199)    C/        /\198   2zzz.    web3dADM

                                    yeah the new SGI NT boxes come with a great VRML intro

200)    ---                    6q.       Gordon

                                    that when I try to view those SGI vrml, or any VRML with .gz

                                    extension to it

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 197 ABOVE)

201)    C/        /\200   2ab.    web3dADM


202)    B/                    6r.        Gordon

                                    Winzip take over

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 200 ABOVE)

203)    C/        /\202   3oo.    brian

                                    rename em

204     F/                     4cc.     justin

Has anyone any experience with Islands from ParallelGraphics?

205)    C/        /\202   2ac.     web3dADM

                                    that's just a config issue Gordon

206)    D/        /\204   2ad.    web3dADM

                                    no not yet justin

207)    C/        /\205   6s.       Gordon


208)    C/        /\205   6t.        Gordon

                                    it is not exactly a config issue

209)    B/                    2ae.    web3dADM

                                    most of parallel's stuff is pretty good

210)    ?/                     6u.       Gordon

                                    I don't know...

211)    B/                    5m.      pauline

#/                                 what's the status of cw since they do a new look to the site ?

212)    ---                    6v.       Gordon

                                    cos, even when I didn't install Winzip

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 208 ABOVE)

213)    C/        212     2af.      web3dADM

yeah if you can rename the files that would be simplest Gordon

214)    C/        /\211   3pp.    brian

                                    no status

215)    ---                    3qq.    brian

                                    cw is buried

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 214 ABOVE)

216)    C/        /\211   4dd.    justin


217)    B/                    2ag.    web3dADM

                                    i think CW is dead

218)    B/                    6w.      Gordon

cosmo player doesn't seem to be recognising the World.wrl.gz

219)    C/        /\218   2ah.     web3dADM


220)    C/        /\218   5n.       pauline

                                    what a pity !

221)    B/        /\217   3rr.      brian

                                    .... for now

222)    C/        /\220   2ai.      web3dADM

                                    yeah very much a pity

223)    B/                    4ee.    justin

                                    Did CAI dismantle InterVista completely?

224)    ---                    6x.       Gordon

                                    double extension problem

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF218 ABOVE)

225)    C/        /\223   6y.       Gordon

                                    Wow, takes a comany to destroy two...

226)    C/        /\218   2aj.      web3dADM

                                    ahhh so you have the file called foo.wrl.gz ??

227)    C/        /\226   6z.       Gordon


                                    something like that

                                    most of the old VRML is made that way

228)    B/                    5o.       pauline

                                    phone rings...hang on..

229)    ?/                     6aa.    Gordon

                                    double extension

230)    C/        /\218   2ak.     web3dADM

                                    i just name all the files .wrl which is annoying

231)    ---                    2al.      web3dADM


                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 230 ABOVE)

232)    C/        /\231   6bb.    Gordon


233)    G/        /\231   2am.   web3dADM

                                    are you on a PC gordon?

234)    C/        /\231   6cc.     Gordon

                                    the major problem is that when I download those double

                                    extension VRML

235)    D/        /\233   6dd.    Gordon

Yes I am on PC it stops loading inlining of texture and

geometry when it encounter the problem

236)    C/        /\231   2an.     web3dADM

                                    hmmmmm so the VRML refers to other .wrl.gz files?

237)    C/        /\236   3ss.     brian

                                    just rename starting wrl.gz

238)    G/                    5o.       pauline

                                    which browser do you use, gordon ?

239)    ---                    6ee.    Gordon

                                    It simply doesn't recognise it

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 234 ABOVE)

240)    ---                    3tt.       brian

                                    all inlines can remain wrl.gz

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 237 ABOVE)

241)    D/        /\240   2ao.    web3dADM

                                    yeah I think that's correct brian

242)    ---                    6ff.       Gordon

                                    even when I change it from Windows System

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 239 ABOVE)

243)    ---                    2ap.    web3dADM

                                    just rename the top level file to a .wrl file

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 241 ABOVE)

244)    C/        /\240   4ff.       justin

                                    right, my experience is they should read wrl.gz the same

arman joined.............

245)    D/        /\238   6gg.    Gordon

                                    well, i am using IE 5

246)    B/                    5q.       pauline

some versions of netscape can't pickup the cosmo plugin....

247)    C/        /\244   2aq.    web3dADM

                                    is it expecting the textures in another directory?

248)    A/                    2ar.     web3dADM

                                    hi arman

249)    B/        /\242   6hh.     Gordon

                                    and it doesn't load when it is suppose to load

250)    A/                    5r.        pauline

                                    hi arman

251)    ---                    6ii.       Gordon

                                    I mean the wrl.gz file

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 249 ABOVE)

252)    C/        /\251   3uu.     brian

                                    check the wrl code to see where its looking for textures

253)    ?                      2as.     web3dADM

*)                                 hey arman where's hammer ;-)

254)6jj.           Gordon

                                    it can't recognise it......

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 251 ABOVE)

255)    ?/                     3vv.     brian


256)    ---                    6kk.     Gordon

                                    it can't go past the initial world loading, so can't load...

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 254 ABOVE)

257)    B/                    4gg.    justin

                                    Our CosmoP is loading textures 180 degrees backwards from                                     WorldView or Cortona

258)    C/        /\257   6ll.       Gordon


259)    G/        /\257   2at.      web3dADM

                                    is that a bug or unspecified behavior with the spec justin

260)    G/        /\256   5s.       pauline

                                    it starts loading and then stop, Gordon ?

262)    G/        /\256   4hh.     justin

                                    Do you get any geometry Gordon?

263)    B                     6mm.  Gordon

                                    lots of probelm to address to Cosmo

264)    D/        /\262   6nn.     Gordon

                                    no geometry

265)    B/                    3ww.   brian

                                    you won't get an answer!!!!

266)    C/        /\265   6oo.    Gordon


267)    ---                    brian

                                    from Cosmo i mean

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 265 ABOVE)

268)    C/        /\263   4ii.       justin

                                    Support all gone!

269)    C/        /\268   2au.     web3dADM

                                    it's too bad Cosmo still renders geometry the best

270)    B/        /\          3xx.     brian

                                    i like cortona

271)    B/                    6pp.    Gordon

                                    NOthing is load when those double extension wrl.gz file is


272)    C/        271     3yy.     brian

                                    its getting better by the month

273)    C/        /\272   2av.     web3dADM

                                    maybe we'll get some open source in a few weeks at the

                                    conference for cosmo

274)    C/        /\270   4jj.       justin

                                    My Cortona navigation controls fall off the screen

275)    C/        /\274   2aw.    web3dADM

                                    yeah cortona and blaxxun are both improving

276)    C/        /\274   6qq.    Gordon


277)    C/        /\2784 6rr.      Gordon

                                    fall off

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 276 ABOVE)

278)    C/        /\277   3zz.     brian

gordon, try downloading the entire vrml directory with an offline

                                    browser like websnake or blackwidow

279)    C/        /\277   3aaa.  brian

                                    then alter the filename

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 278 ABOVE)

280)    C/        /\278   6ss.     Gordon

                                    brian >> can you do that?

281)    C/        /\278   6tt.       Gordon

                                    do they support VRML file?

282)    B/                    7a        arman

                                    we are making a puppet theater on-line with cosmo as authoring


283)    C/        /\277   3bbb.  brian

                                    it works 95% of time

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 279 ABOVE)

284)    C/        /\278   6uu.     Gordon

                                    websnake or blackwdow I mean

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 279 ABOVE)

285)    C/        /\282   2ax.     web3dADM

                                    cool arman!

286)    G/        /\282   2ay.     web3dADM

                                    do you mean cosmoworlds? arman

287)    G/        /\286   4kk.     justin


288)    C/        /\277   3ccc.   brian

                                    or u could try using blaxxun contact as it has its own inbuilt cache

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 283 ABOVE)

289)    D/        /\288   6vv.     Gordon

                                    I use Teleport Pro, and it doesn't seem to support vrml

290     C/        /\288   6ww.   Gordon

                                    arrr,, I hate blaxxun.


291)    C/        /\299   6xx.     Gordon


292)    D/        /\286/287 7b. arman

                                    cosmoworld yes

293)    C/        /\290   3ddd.  brian

                                    blaxxun is good ... if u turn off the ugly interface

294)    C/        /\282   2az.     web3dADM

arman you should check out www.vrmldream.com they did some theater stuff with VRML

295)    G/        /\293   6yy.     Gordon

Brian >> when you use WebSnake, do they load in the Texture inline too ?

296)    D/        /\295   3eee.  brian

                                    sometimes ... sometimes not

297)    G/        /\294   6zz.     Gordon

                                    I mean to parse the directory structure correctly..

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 295 ABOVE)

298)    ?/                     6aaa.  Gordon


299)    D/        /\294   6bbb.  Gordon


300)    ---                    6ccc.   Gordon

                                    that is really cool

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 299 ABOVE)

301)    B/                    3fff.      brian

                                    i've had good success with cacheview 2,0 for netscape

302)    G/        /\301   6ddd.  Gordon

                                    what if you can't even view...?

303)    G/        /\301   2bc.     web3dADM

                                    what's cacheview?

304)    D/        /\302   3ggg.  brian

                                    yeh ... forgot


305)    D/        /\302   3hhh.   brian

                                    view cache of netscape

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 304 ABOVE)

306)    D/        /\302   3iii.      brian

                                    and save all files to hd

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF304 ABOVE)

307)    B/                    6eee.  Gordon

                                    I wish there is just a VRML offline browser

308)    D/        /\307   2bd.    web3dADM

                                    there is

309)    ---                    2be.    web3dADM

                                    1 sec

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 308 ABOVE)

310)    B/                    6fff.      Gordon

                                    GRAB everything and parse the VRML

311)    ?/                     4ll.       justin

                                    yeah, we've used WorldView for developers for years now

312)    ---                    6ggg.  Gordon

I was doing it the old way to archieving about 100 vrml world...

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 310 ABOVE)

313)    ?/                     5t.        pauline

                                    sorry, don't have a clue 'cuz i don't use ie that much...

314)    C/        /\313   6hhh.   Gordon


315)                            2bf.      web3dADM

no Holger..main blaxxun developer has a VRML viewer...forget

                                    the damn name 1 more sec

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 308 ABOVE)

316)    C/        /\294   7c.        arman

                                    thanks they posted the process to create the puppets and the

                                    multiplayers networking stuff on www.tinkering.net

317)    C/        /\313   6iii.      Gordon

                                    IE is fast ... faster than Netscape, that is why I like it

318)    ---                    2bg.    web3dADM


                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 308 ABOVE)

319)    G/        4\318  6jjj.       Gordon


320)                            2bh.     web3dADM


                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 308 ABOVE)

321)    G/        /\320   6kkk    Gordon

                                    is that the VRML offline browser?

322)    D         /\321   2bi.      web3dADM

                                    that is a standalone VRML viewer


323)    ?/                     5u.       pauline

*)                                 :-)

324)    C/        /\322   6lll.       Gordon


325)    C/        /\323   6mmm. Gordon


326)                ---        2bj.      web3dADM

                                    it's pretty good too

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 322 ABOVE)

327)    C/        /\320   6nnn.   Gordon

                                    you save my life... hehe

328)    C/        /\327   6ooo.  Gordon


                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 327 ABOVE)

329)    C/        /\328   2bk.     web3dADM

**                                 lol

330)    ?/                     4mm.  justin

                                    keep us hanging?

331)    B/                    7d        arman

#/                                 what's about Nemo plug-in

332)    G/        /\331   3jjj.       brian

                                    capt nemo?

333)    G/        /\331   6ppp.  Gordon


334)    G/        /\331 4mn       justin

                                    yes, also curious about nemo

335)    G/        /\331   6qqq.  Gordon

                                    nemo dev?

336)    G/        /\3314 nn.       justin


337)    G/        /\331   3kkk.   brian


338)    G/        /\331   6rrr.     Gordon

                                    it is a proprietary standard isn't it?

339)    G/        /\331   6sss.   Gordon

                                    for Game

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 338 ABOVE)

340)    G/        /\331   2bl.      web3dADM

                                    yeah I forget what is it again ...yeah more game type stuff i think

341)    G/                    6ttt.      Gordon

                                    Rapid development tool

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 340ABOVE)

343)    G/        /\331   4oo.    justin

                                    Is it like RealityWave's VizStream?

345)    D/        /\344   6uuu.   Gordon

                                    not exactly...

                                    built more specifically for game design

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 341 ABOVE)

346)    G/        /\345   4pp.    justin

                                    Kaon's Hyperactive?

347)    ---                    6vvv.    Gordon

                                    give you GUI display of Interaction graph is the highlight of the                           feature

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 345 ABOVE)            

348)    B/                    2bm.   web3dADM


349)    A/                    3lll.       brian

                                    nice chatting ... gotta go

brian left......  note even though brian leaves there are five responses to him

350)    ---                    6www.  Gordon

                                    looks really good

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 347 ABOVE)

351)    A/        /\349   4qq.    justin

                                    bye brian

352)    B/                    2bn.     web3dADM

                                    Nemo is a game engine that's been turned into web stuff

353)    A/        /\349   6xxx.    Gordon

                                    nbye brian

354)    A/                    5v.       pauline

                        /\349   bye brian...

355)    A/2                  bo.       web3dADM

                        /\349   see ya brian

356)    C/        /\352   6yyy.    Gordon

                                    I like it's interface

357)    A/        2bp.    web3dADM

                                    thanks for comin

358)    C/        /\352   6zzz.    Gordon

                                    really nice interface

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 357 ABOVE)

359)    G         /\345   4rr.      justin

                                    Gordon, what do you think of the Nemo interface?

360)    G/        /\350   2bq.    web3dADM

                                    you like what? gordon

361)    B/                    6ab.    Gordon

                                    I only wish vrml authoring tool is like that

362)    ---                    6ac.     Gordon

                                    Nemo's interface I mean

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 361 ABOVE)

363)    C/        /\360   6ad.    Gordon


armani joined.............

364)    G/        /\          4ss.     justin


365)    G/                    2br.     web3dADM

**                                 lol

366)    G/                    4tt.       justin

                                    Is this a coincidence? or cousins?

367)    ---                    6ae.    Gordon

I like the way that you link NODES togather to form interaction

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 361 ABOVE)

368)    G/                    5w.      pauline

                                    is arman a sibling of armani ?

369)    E/                    7a.       armani

                                    got disconnected

370)    C/        /\369   6af.      Gordon


371)    C/        /\369   2bs.     web3dADM


372)    C/        /\369   4uu.     justin

                                    chat does that ADM says

373)    ---                    6ag.    Gordon

                                    linking them in Graphical way

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 367 ABOVE)

374)    C/        /\372   2bt.      web3dADM

*)                                 ADM = Sandy ;-)

375)    C/                    6ah.     Gordon


Gordon left............. he gets disconnected - reappears = 380

376)    G/        /\367   2bu.     web3dADM

                                    are you running it Gordon?

377)    B/                    5x.       pauline

                                    cw has a pretty good interface, imho... 7.

378)    B/        /\331   7b.       armani

                                    ok back to Nemo I like to use keyboard instead of mouse in

                                    browser window

379)    C/        /\377   4vv.     justin

                                    I got frustrated tried to get things to line up in CW

(gordon) logs on as Web3DCEO joined.............

380)    ?/                     6ai.      Web3DCEO

#/                                 hehe

381)    C/        /\379   2bv.     web3dADM

                                    yeah it takes practice justin

382)    ---                    4ww.   justin

                                    always losing objects in cyberspace

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 379 ABOVE)

383)    G/        /\380   2bw.    web3dADM

                                    hi CEO??

384)    C/        /\383   6aj.      Web3DCEO


385)    G/        /\380   4xx.     justin

                                    do we recognize that hehe?

386)    G/        /\380   2by      web3dADM

                                    is this JEM?

387)    D/        /\386   6ak.     Web3DCEO

                                    it's your boss here

388)    C/        /\387   6al.      Web3DCEO

*)                     ;)

389)    D/        /\386   6am.   Web3DCEO

                                    haha... no, it is gordon

390)    C/        /\387   2bx.     web3dADM

                                    don't got no boss

391)    C/        /\387   2by.     web3dADM

*)                     that i listen too ;-)

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 390 ABOVE)

392)    A/        /\386   2bz.     web3dADM

                                    ahhh hi there

arman left.............

393)    G/        /\389   2cd.     web3dADM

                                    what part of the world are you in gordon?

394)    B/                    6an.     Web3DCEO

                                    Just found a great utility for Terrain forming for VRML

395)    G/        /\393   6ao.    Web3DCEO


pauline2 joined.............

396)    G/        /\389   4yy.     justin

                                    which Gordon

397)    C/        /\395   2ce.     web3dADM

                                    ahhh another down under one

398)    A/                    5y        pauline2

                                    hi again...

399)    G/        /\394   4zz.     justin


400)    D/        /\399   6ap.    Web3DCEO


401)    C/        /\398   2cf.      web3dADM

                                    uh oh ...pauline has multiplied!

402)    C/        /\401   5z        pauline2

                                    yeah !!

403)    C/        /\400   2cg.     web3dADM

                                    yeah leveller is very cool...seen it

404)    C/        /\403   6ap.    Web3DCEO

                                    it is really good little software

pauline left.............

405)    G/        /\403   aaz      justin

                                    where is it?

406)    C/        /\404   6aq.    Web3DCEO

                                    didn't even know it existed until 2 days ago

407)    ---                    6aq.    Web3DCEO

*)                                 ;)

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 406 ABOVE)

408)    G/        /\403   4aaa.  justin


409)    B/                    5aa.    pauline2

*)                                 is web3dceo sandy's boss ?? ;-)

410)    C/        /\406   2ch.     web3dADM

                                    search on my site

411)    C/        /\410   4bbb.  justin


412)    ---                    2ci.      web3dADM

                                    it's in the Specialized Authoring tools page i think

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 410 ABOVE)

413)    B/                    5ab     pauline2

                                    ah...pauline just got kicked out !

414)    ---                    6ar.     Web3DCEO

                                    heh.. I saw it by chance, while on the TerraGen website

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 406 ABOVE)

415)    D/        /\409   6as.     Web3DCEO

*)                                 yes I am Sandy's boss ;)

416)    ---                    6at.      Web3DCEO


                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 415 ABOVE)

417)    C/        /\415   5ac      pauline2

                                    ah ha...

418)    C/                    6au.     Web3DCEO

was thinking about changing my job description to President...

419)    G/        /\418   2cj.      web3dADM

*)                                 how about Web3DGOD ;-)

420)    F/                     6au.     Web3DCEO

                                    you guys seen Terragen ?? another terrific tool, althou not

                                    specifically for VRML

421)    G/        /\419   5ad     pauline2

*)                                 web3dGeni ?! ;-)

422)    D/G     /\420   2ck.     web3dADM

                                    no what's the URL CEO

423)    D         /\422   6av.     Web3DCEO

                                    hold on

424)    D         /\422   6aw.    Web3DCEO


425)    B/                    6ax.     Web3DCEO

*)                                 Beats the soddy Bryce pants down in rendering quality ;)

426)    C/        /\422   2cl.      web3dADM

                                    thanks CEO!

427)    B/                    4ccc.   justin

                                    3Dnature's WCS is awesome too

428)    C/        /\420   4ddd.  justin

                                    Thought TerraGen was a biopharmaceutical co?

429)    D/        /\428   6ay.     Web3DCEO


430)    ---                    6az.     Web3DCEO

                                    it was a freeware

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 429 ABOVE)

431)    ---                    6bc.     Web3DCEO

                                    done by some British Uni Student

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 430 ABOVE)

432)    C/        /\431   5ae     pauline2

                                    i see...

433)    ---                    6bd.    Web3DCEO

                                    as his pet project...

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 431 ABOVE)

434)    G/        /\433   7c.       armani

                                    Nurbs based terrain generator?

435)    ---                    6be.    Web3DCEO

                                    pretty amazing... 1 man program

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 415 ABOVE)

Louis joined.............

436)    D/        /\434   6bf.      Web3DCEO


437)    ---        /\434   6bg.    Web3DCEO


                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 436 ABOVE)

438)    ---        6bh.     Web3DCEO

                        fractal generation

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 438 ABOVE)

439)    G/        /\438   2cm.    web3dADM

                                    got an URL CEO

440)    A/                    2cn.     web3dADM

                                    hi Louis

441)    F/         /\439   4eee.  justin


442)    A/                    8a        Louis

                                    hi sandy

443)    ?/                     4fff.      justin

*)                                 :)

444)    D/        /\440   2co.     web3dADM


445)    A/                    af.        pauline2

                                    hi louis !

446)    F/         /\439   6bi.      Web3DCEO


447)    B/                    8b.       Louis

                                    anyone authoring with shout3d?

448)    C/        /\446   4ggg.  justin

                                    got it, thanks!

449)    G/        /\446   6bj.      Web3DCEO

                                    justin ????? terragen.com ?

450)    D/        /\447   2cp.     web3dADM

                                    I've played with shout3d a little

451)    G/        /\450   8c.       Louis


452)    D/        /\451   2cp.     web3dADM

                                    just the wizard

453)    F/                     7d.       armani


454)    ?/                     6bk.     Web3DCEO


455)    G/        /\452   8d.       Louis

                                    any good...

456)    D/        /\453   2cq.     web3dADM

                                    i don't think 3D dreams is available much

457)    D/        /\447   6bl.      Web3DCEO

                                    shout3d is pretty cool

458)    D/        447     2cr.      web3dADM

                                    yeah very cool

459)    ---                    6bm.   Web3DCEO

                                    but I think it is getting towards proprietary side of things...

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 457 ABOVE)

460)    ---                    6bn.     Web3DCEO

                                    when you start compressing it

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 458 ABOVE)

461)    ---                    6bo.    Web3DCEO

                                    if only if VRML can Stream in ASCII format...

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 459 ABOVE)

460)    C/        /\461   2cs.     web3dADM

                                    well it works...which is one major criteria

461)    B/                    2ct.      web3dADM

                                    well i'm fading fast

462)    F/                     7e.       armani

any experience with s"Prototy motion capture on-li for VRML

                                    based character animationne 3D Games for

Non-Programmers" is a lecture-workshop"Prototyping on-line 3D

                                    Games for Non-Programmers" is a

                                    lecture-workshoptreaming bvh files

463)    C/        /\462   6bp.    Web3DCEO


464)    G/        /\462   6bq.    Web3DCEO

                                    armani >> heh, where did you see that?

465)    G/        /\462   4iii.      justin

                                    ?? armani

466)    G/        /\462   6br.     Web3DCEO

                                    what's the URL ????;

467)    G/        /\462   2cu.     web3dADM

                                    yeah where is that?

468)    E/                    7f.        armani


470)    C/        /\ 468  2cv.     web3dADM


471)    C/        /\4470 6bs.     Web3DCEO

*)                                 stop repeating me WebADM ;)

472)    C/        /\470   6bt.      Web3DCEO


473)    C/        /\472   2cw.    web3dADM

**                                 lol

474)    C/        /\473   6bu.     Web3DCEO

**                                 LOL

475)    C/        /\474   2cx.     web3dADM

**                                 oy

476)    C/        /\474   4jjj.       justin


477)    C/        /\468   4ag.    pauline2

                                    looks cool...let me try it later...

478)    ---                    4ah.     pauline2

                                    ah....u have to request for access ??

                                    (NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF 477 ABOVE)

479)    C/        /\468   6bv.     Web3DCEO

                                    looks really cool

480)    B/                    7g.       armani

there is a tutorial with mocap from tennis pro you can toggle between 4 animations

481)    B/                    6bw.    Web3DCEO

                                    can't get in....

482)    F/         /\480   4kkk.   justin

                                    is it straight VRML or do you need another plug-in?

483)    D/        /\482   7h.       armani

                                    ActiveX based

484)    B/                    4lll.       justin

Well, since Sandy's fading, i'm ready to cache it in, too. Thanks            all.

485)    B/                    2cy.     web3dADM

                                    yeah i'm outta here

StephenM joined.............

486)    B/                    2cz.     web3dADM

                                    thanks all for comin

487)    B/                    4mmm.           justin

                                    till next time

justin left.............

488)    A/                    2de.    web3dADM

                                    hey stephen

489)    A/                    2df.      web3dADM

*)                                 just saying gnite ;-)

490)    A/                    4hi.      pauline2

                                    hi stephen !

491)    C/                    9a.       StephenM

                                    Hi Sandy. Having all kinds of problems trying to log on.

492)    C/                    2dg.    web3dADM

                                    damn sorry bout that

493)    B/                    9b.       StephenM

                                    Unfashionably late.

494)    C/        /\492   2dh..    web3dADM

                                    maybe another denial of service attacke going on

495)    B/                    9c.       StephenM

                                    Seems like the net is filled with molasses

496)    C/        /\495   2di.      web3dADM

                                    well thanks for tryin

497)    C/        /\495   2dj.      web3dADM

                                    yeah really

498)    B/                    Web3DCEO

                                    dns attact on the web chat server?

499)    B/                    Web3DCEO


500)    A/                    2dk.     web3dADM

                                    i'm outta here see ya!

web3dADM left.............

501)    A/        /\486   6bx.     Web3DCEO

                                    bye Snady

502)    A/        /\486   4aj.      pauline2

                                    nite sandy !

503)    A/        /\486   9c.       StephenM

                                    Bye SAndy


504)    A/        /\486   6by.     Web3DCEO

*)                                 Sandy ;)

505)    C/        /\501   6bz.     Web3DCEO

                                    Snady .... heheeee

506)    B/                    StephenM

                                    Ah well. Next time, I'll log on early. Bye!

StephenM left.............

507)    A/        /\486   7e.       Louis

                                    yeah... well good night sandt

508)    A/        /\486   4ak.     pauline2

                                                bye stephen !

509)    A/                    4al.      pauline2

                                    well good nite all !

510)    A/                    4am.   pauline2

                                    ciao !

511)    A/                    7f.        Louis

                                    good nite

pauline2 left.............

Louis left.............

arman joined.............

Web3DCEO left.............

rman left.............

armani left.............

.............. Log stopped at Wed Feb 09 20:05:30 PST 2000


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