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video - (ties in isolation)

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Banned books in Oklahoma
slideshow upclose of Pakistan life

Leaving Australia 'Again': Before the After 
Now in print and delivered to your door Leaving Australia 'Again': Before the After Read the first 45 pages for free
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PhD thesis > 'Conversational Analysis of Chatroom Talk: Online Discourse Analysis' Method Kindle Edition

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She was a carefree flower girl of 18
Selling flowers on Bourbon Street
I was a street artist...

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'Travel with my ties in Isolation' Album on Behance
video - (ties in isolation)
A cautionary tale
Ties in Isolation

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Website security The incredible tie challenge of 2020 ALL IMAGES - EVERY ~~ neuageVIEW twenty years and more ago

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'Travel with my ties in Isolation' Album on Behance
A cautionary tale

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The ties are due to needing to wear a tie when I was teaching in New York & China (2002 - 2014) - I started collecting ties from thrift shops etc. around the world for the next decade.
Instead of tossing them out I am doing this dumb challenge as I am @ home and cannot visit you. I think there are over 100.
From my shed @ Perseverance Road, Vista, South Australia.
'Leaving Australia Book 2' (e-book)
Leaving Australia 'Again': Before the After NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK

The Amazing Tie Challenge - Week 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, LAST DAY/TIE final update 10 October/2020 @ #Perseverance Road, Vista, South Australia

#Daily Thoughts for 2020 updated here 30 October 2020 #Perseverance Road, Vista, South Australia (2019 daily thoughts /2018/2017/2016)

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Behance Project - Thoughts in Isolation May 2020

Behance Project - Thoughts in Isolation April 2020 - Adelaide, South Australia

Behance Project - Thoughts in Travel 2020 March - The Netherlands


my adobe portfolio updated 10 May 2020

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Thoughts in Travel 2020: Thoughts in Patterns 9 Paperback / E-Book

Behance project for February 2020
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Thoughts in Travel 2019 Kindle Edition $3 (USD) PRINT EDITION (01/01/2020) $27 USD

Thoughts in Travel 2019: Thoughts in Patterns 8

Thoughts in Travel 2020 ebook edition ($3.98 USD) 20/03/2020

Daily Thoughts for 2019 updated 31 December/2019 #VistaSouthAustralia (no longer updated - the year is over)

Behance project for December 2019 (posted 01/January/2020)

youtube channel updated 11 April/2020 #Rotterdam The Netherlands previous youtube channel (up to 2013)

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Blog #LahorePakistan posted 02/December/2019

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#2018 - 2019 Thoughts in Patternspublished 05/July/2019 KindlePrint Edition (664 pages)

2016 - 2017 Thoughts in Patternspublished 06/May/2019 one-week Kindle intro special 99-centsPrint Edition (703 pages)

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INDIA 2018 Images and Thoughts of India 2018Latest blog - SPAIN posted 20/03/2019

youtube channel updated 12/04/20 Adelaide, South Australia previous youtube channel (up to 2013)

'Leaving Australia Book 2' (e-book)
Leaving Australia 'Again': Before the After NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK

"Leaving Australia 'Again': Before the After"Leaving Australia 'Again': Before the After 
Now in print and delivered to your door Paperback Edition 2019 editions

Here are my current e-books. ‘Leaving Australia’ are tales of a personal take on life on this planet. ‘Thoughts in Patterns 1 – 5 are picture poem books of 145 – 155 pages each. The first ten pages of each are available for free viewing on Amazon.

Thoughts in Patterns Book 1 - 6

Thoughts in Patterns 1 - 6 are e-books with an average of 145 picture-poems. Picture-Poems are an art-form that I have used for more than fifty-years, in several countries using many methods.

e-books of Terrell Neuage including the "Leaving Australia" series and the "Thoughts in Patterns" series 1 - 5 as well as the PhD Thesis, "ODAM" and children stores

2016 texts used in Books 1 -4
2017 texts some used in Book 5

(updated 20 March/2020 #Rotterdam The Netherlands)

click on book cover for enlarged image click on seller (Papertrell) or (Amazon for first ten pages to view free)

Terrell Neuage, tourist.

I am originally from upstate New York which I left in 1965 age 17 to see if there was anything more to this world than a quiet farming life. I did not get back to where I started until 2002 when both my hometown and I had changed a bit. I was an explorer of the 1960’s Californian hippy life style, a street artist in New Orleans in the early 1970s a ‘brother’ in a cult order for about a decade, and then single parent for twenty years in a foreign country, Australia. Through all this, I had one linking theme in my life which was a fascination of the art of combining imagery with text. Whether using painting, photography or multimedia I have been experimenting with textual-imagery-narratives for more than fifty-years.

Images in 'Thoughts in Patterns' all from travels in 26 countries of the past 20 years and from my bluescreen studio in my shed at Perseverance Road, Vista, South Australia. All photos taken by Terrell Neuage

Leaving Australia
Book 1 ‘Before the After’

Leaving Australia
Book 2 ‘After’


Leaving Australia Book 1 Leaving Australia Book 2

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Book 1 Book 2 updated 11/March/2019
Leaving Australia 'Again': Before the After NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK

Terrell Adsit Neuage. The story of a traveller. Through the 1960s hippie movement, as a member of the cult organization, The Holy Order of MANS; as an adoptee with totally different values than the Christian family adopted into. Street artist selling picture poems in Jackson Square, New Orleans in the 1970s, street artist in New York City, Adelaide, South Australia, Honolulu, Maryland. Lots of sex and drugs and escape. A son signed by the LA Dodgers who committed suicide; the battle with hepatitis C and the death of a brother from AIDS. Marriages, children raised as a male single parent. 40 years an astrologer. Tofu manufacturer in Australia. Duel citizen. From high school drop-out in the 1960s to a college degree at age 44 and a PhD at age 58. A world traveller living a simple life with lots of interpretations of the way it is. A new-age atheist – or not.

Conversational Analysis of Chatroom Talk

(ODAM - my PhD thesis)


Beginning with an understanding of the following linguistic theories: Semiotic Analysis, Speech Act Theory (SA), Discourse Analysis (DA), Conversational Analysis (CA); several schools of text analysis theory, including Reading-response Theory, and techniques of technology analysis, especially Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC), this thesis discusses how conversation in the text-based chatroom milieu differs from every day “casual” conversation in a number of respects. It demonstrates how, despite the differences in “chat” conducted on-line from that carried out face-to-face, on-line chat and “natural conversation” share some features, and that analytical theories developed for inquiry into conventional speech and print-based text reception, can be used for examining on-line chat. This is a study of how the process of exchanging meaning is functionally motivated within electronic “talk”. My first endeavour has been to create a semiotic model for “Natural Language” within the chatroom milieu. I have established protocols to “capture” chatroom “talk” for analysis. Beyond this, my research shows that not only is “conversation” a misnomer in this context, but also that dialogue in this electronic milieu is different, not only because of the current absence of sight and sound cues, but also as a result of various features caused by rapidly changing technologies.

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