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Welcome to the page of Terrell Neuage. I started this page in 1994, twenty-four years ago. The site has always been to promote my writing, photography and art. I received my PhD in ’Communication and New Media’ from the University of South Australia in 2005. I have taught film, design, communication and Adobe products at universities in New York and South Australia as well as in every grade of schooling in New York, China (Dalian International School) and Australia. As a constant world traveller, I post blogs at The links above go to a few places of interest, accumulation of decades online.
Currently my work which incorporates travel, photography, writing, and art are put together in e-books as noted below. ‘Leaving Australia’ are tales of a personal take on life on this planet. We are now on a three-month 'getting lost' exploration of India (mid-January - mid-April 2018)

I can be contacted at
Resume / youtube channel pre-2009 / 2009 - 2018 / All India 2018 videos updated 12 April 2018 - @ the Pakistan/India Border

e books of Terrell Neuage INDIA 16 JANUARY - 14 APRIL 2018 (LATEST IS HERE (12/April/18 - Amritsar)

Thoughts in Patterns 5
the latest book (2017) from Terrell Neuage NOW AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON

Textualities (thought splats) updated23/April/2018 Adelaide, South Australia

BLOG updated 12/April/2018 NOONISH 'Delhi, India''

new picture poem collection updated frequently on GOOGLE+ COLLECTION updated 24/April/2018

The Magic Mansion is a collection of stories of Maggie and Mabel discovering the world


The big tofu burger vs. beef burger cook-off we were right next to you in 2017


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