A few of my social sites that I post to every hour... being a private person I have only listed a few of ones I am willing to share - what about you? 

hey you nazis - love your new right wing stupid bird swap -all the books of Terrell Neuage in one groovy place Amazon by Terrell,follow me on telegram Telegram, youtube Youtube,  blogs from the past couple of decades
Wordpress (blog), TikTok, would you join me on Facebook? Well why not? Facebook, twitter Twitter , for good laughs at the trump idiots this is the place to be, Trust Cafe Trust Cafe, hey you nazis - love your new right wing stupid bird swap, wow we are so trendy Instagram , linkedin - for all you not mes Linkedin, I put so much here you can spend a lifetime sorting - I have
Pinterest, cohost cohost, deviant art the best of my stuff once upon a time
deviant art, tumblr, nonsensical right wing alternative to twitter and facebook gab, Minds, Patreon, myportfolio, Behance, Plurk, webnode webpageWebnode Mastodon,Mastodon Mastodon MastodonAustralia, Mastodon, Tribel the replacement of FacebookTribel, wonderful terrell o npostPost spoutible, 9GAG, I had forgotten about this one - used it many years ago Pathbrite, skyrocket Skyrocket, e publishingePub, reddit, 100% uncensored social media Wimkin, WT Social, Medium, a very evil right wing trump laced social site Gettr, chat room - always here come on inMeWe, Neuage's PBwiki 2.0 MyPBworks, Wiki Tribune Social WikiTribuneSocial, hive social apponmobilehive (only on mobile - @neuage) , Hive Social ask questions this is not hiveSocial app on mobile phones only, facebook's twitter wannabe is threads - give me a break threads (NOTE: only as an app on phone - no desktop app - @neuage on apps), travels in and out of Australia physically emotionally metaphysically with two old farts substack, vimeo,Flilckr Flicker,Leaving Australia now available on Books2Read Books 2 Read,


Daily Motion Rocks Daily Motion, neuage on Polywork Polywork live journalLive Journal, FourSquare Foursquare, Screencast


Screencast, one of those caffine type of sites - new social thingy - I will get involved tomorrow Caffeine,


Goodreads, this where I write all my code - it is all here to share with you as I am tired of making millions of dollars off of these codescoderwall, github, hacker news Hacker News,

got a question well i had an answer for you - long ago and far away Quora

fiverr fiverr, something Japanese Kakao,

MIX,books published on the Must RFead platform MustRead,my space used to be great now it is shit MySpace,

what???????/ ZoomInfo, FDNitter really is twitter FDNitter. my daily podcast Spreaker, adobe education exchange

tripod.lycos Tripod I can't believe th weirdos on this site - I come here for the laughter of such idiots - how about you? Parler -durable AI bu8ilder- mydurable

current covid numbers sites: Coronavirus Meter /Capital Hill Siege # / Body Count / Bing Tracker CDC (predictive modelling) / projections /Cure Vac /weather / Australia live