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50-years later you look so different 

Because I died 50-years ago 
And you didn’t

Beneath the seas

no loneliness is known

rain never falls

seldom a cloudy day.

I was diving for perils

Far off the coast

Trying to stay clear of the nuclear submarines

And tourists looking for love and treasures.


In the distance I saw the Titanic

Sleeping on the ocean floor


Then I saw her

Swimming across the upper deck

She was on that maiden voyage too long ago


She took me to her cabin

An oasis in the sea

We danced a decade away

(New York tango as taught in Saratoga)


As the fish and memories swam by

She told me how she had waited

For so long to be discovered


I said “me too”

As I swam out the door

And returned to the land I never once believed


Someday I will return to the Titanic and her

But until then I can only stare at her smile

That constantly beckons me to return

And keeps me from having the women I meet

At single bars and barmitzvah parties

Knowing beneath the sea she waits for me

With Bacchanalian pleasure for evermore.


© Terrell Neuage (Victor Harbor, South Australia)

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