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WEEKLY ROMANTIC POEM FOR Saturday, 3 February 2001        NEXT/PREVIOUS/

I danced with you in my dream last night

not sure the shore but it was distant

a song you had written

played on your saxophone


far away

though surprisingly near at the same instant

like in an ancient jungle passion

our movement's swaying embrace


there was no fireworks

though a shooting star left a glow

through the night sky

and I saw it reflected in your eyes

no earthquakes

though your lips barely touched mine

a moist feathered caress

that shook my body to its core


we held each other so gentle

swaying like flowers in a flirting breeze


I danced with you

was the dream real

or the future to unfold?


Terrell Wednesday, 17 January 2001 10:34:57 Magill

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