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WEEKLY ROMANTIC POEM FOR Tuesday, 21 November 2000 NEXT/PREVIOUS/Dececember 2010

I enjoy

visiting exotic places

on your body

and sending postcards

to myself


"wish you were here"

 (c) Terrell Neuage (Adsit pre-August-1981) ~ Adelaide South Australia 1996




I was staying at a camping ground a

few moments out of Hilo

when first I saw her running toward


Then in kisses and embraces she

enveloped me

She had some white slip thing on that


in the '60s wore

and of course bells, beads and scent of sandalwood and

patchouli oil.

Then she kissed my feet and said she had waited

all her life for me.

I couldn't wait another moment to have her

and did in a cloud of frankincense and myrrh.

She said I was surrounded in white light

as she lit up some Maui-wowie and took more psilocybin

She even dubbed me Saint Terrell

and for decades later she addressed me that way...

Now the world seems so different from

those magical days in Hawaii 25 years ago

Now no one calls me Saint Terrell:

Not me kids

me friends

tax office


nor the ex-thingie (who writes me 'dear shithead')

Chialeah visited me in New Orleans and Los Angles

in the '70s and rambled on about other lives

realms, bodies (the one she had now was enough for me),


It was all peu de chose to me

Her body....forgot the rest of this...so fuck you

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