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Mercury is still retrograde


Wow. What a week this has been.

Firstly, I get the final three-thousand still owed bill to the Australian Baseball Federation for my 16 year-olds trip to the U-19 World Series. As any sole parent would know these are bills we like to leave in the mailbox. They want the money this week, before my son leaves for the many tournaments during the next two-months. Sure, no worries. I have $3.20 in cash. Thanks to the Southern District Baseball Club for holding a fund-raising dinner last weekend I am able to make a dent in what is still owed. Considering the total bill was originally $8,368.70 plus I have come up with close to $3,000 spending money, still owing only $2,273 is pretty good in my world, but of course, not in other's worlds.

For an unemployed sole-parent uni-student I am doing OK. Money owed can sure make everything surrounding one's life problematic. Yes, I realize transit Saturn in 27 Taurus is sitting (shitting?) on my Moon, but I have had that before (it happens every 30 years or so, so by my age it is old hat) and with my progressed Sun sitting on Neptune for this year I doubt I will see anything properly anyway, and with Solar Progressed Uranus (ruler of my fourth house) conjunct my Leo Sun (ruler of my tenth - hey, it is time for attention) and squaring my Jupiter, in my first, in the same year as transiting Uranus in my fourth is in opposition to my Sun and squaring Jupiter in my First. Someone like changes? 

But that is just my life, simple as ever. The real big news this week is the completion of the human genome project. Now there is one shit of a reality. Designer children? No! Listen, it ain't the way of evolution. It is good that some crap can be fixed but the point is being missed. Evolution is what changes everything. If we get too stuck into perfection and design there will be no room for the new. Hey Darwin where are you in our hour of darkness?

Mutation is the spice of life. The idea that sex will be only for fun, and not for propagation - well that is fine, but it misses too much. Sure it is pleasurable, but the real purpose of sex is unification. Of course they have a different perspective than we do. See, there is a problem right there. I don't want to say she, that is he with an s added to he, to say human has man in it, woman has man in it. Dale Spender is right; males have taken over through the use of language. I think in a future unified world real sex that is really gratifying will have to be a mutual union, something missed these past thousand religiously controlled perspective years. It has gone for thousands of years. The local priest sticking it into the local youths: male or female, and getting away with it. The genome project may be able to delete the religious gene - which would change the world right there. Get rid of religion and we can progress. If it hadn't been for the church controlling everything in favour of the male (yes, I love being a male, but not that type of male) there would not be the diseases such as AIDES and etc. there would not be the drug problems, the polluted earth. Isn't it right there in the beginning of their Bible "and god gave man dominion of the earth..." well it doesn't take much looking around to see the result of that male manifesto does it

The way we got where we are today is because of mutations, trial and errors. It would be a shame to delete that aspect. For example, who are the best sports people today? The best mathematicians, feminists, philosophers, run on sentence writers? They are all the results of genetic mutations. It is change and spontaneity, which produces progress.

And while we are at it. The cloning trip. Hey, it aint' about to happen. One thing not discussed in all this is reality. There is no way to clone another person unless you clone every experience, every thought; every feeling that person has ever had, Which could mean other life dimensional experiences. Are people really this stupid?

There is the metaphysical aspect too. Real? Who knows? Who cares? But let us say the concept of balance is a reality. Well then obviously the next step is that for every action there is a reaction (karma). It is not far to go from that thought to realize that if we don't sort out our shit this life time, if what we do harms others, the planet, our own evolution, then of course in the laws of cause-and-effect it has to be dealt with. Whether reincarnation is true, apparently it was in the original teachings of the Essenes which rumor has it Jesus was one of, then one of those Catholic Church edits of the early few hundreds deleted it so they could gain further control, or not is not really the issue. Well, actually it is. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, and of course there is no conclusive proof, just lots of theories and gurus mouthing western dollar's textualities, then it would go to show that if we stuffed up one time then we would have to do it over until we get it right. If there was a stream of logic in all this it would seem obvious that a genetically perfected person could not have this karma from before. For example, the reason I have such a perfect body, mind and life is because I have been such a saint for the past 33 life times, and if you can afford it I can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge for a good price too.

So you see, well just look around the mess the planet is in, thanks to 2000 years of the Christian Piscean era, and tell me who does not have immense karma. There will be a lot of folks born for a long time with a lot of physical malfunctions, why? They are working off their past karma.

If the human - can we please say people genome project? perfects the lot on earth, then for all these cruel people that are running riot ruining the planet at present another planet will have to be formed before they can incarnate in the physical form in order to work out the crap they have inflected. This could actually be happening on one of the moons of Jupiter, is it Io? Which is gradually undergoing earth-like changes. And there is speculation that Jupiter in the future of its evolution will become a sun then its moons will become planets.

But that is all way-out there stuff us guys like to sort out at the pub over a few stubbies on a Saturday night. What the genome thingie will really affect the most is the world of comedy.

There is enough stuff to keep comedians going for decades.

Deconstructed genetic engineering. Post-karmic people.

It seems that in the future if we need to fix a part of our body all we will have to do is to drink a vial of the gene to replace the stuffed body part. For example, if my liver was rotting out from too much bad karma from when I was an alcoholic concubine in Cleopatra's court I could get the liver-gene-Terrell replacement and it would grow a new one. Clinton could get a straight penis. Prince Charles could get a personality. Australian Prime Minister John Howard could - well where would he start?

Then of course they are saying with gene therapy we could live for thousands of years in any form we wanted at any age, texture, size, and color.... Yuck. But then again think of all the things we could try on to be. I was thinking about this on the toilet the other night during a terrible bout of diarrhea and came up with a list. Each genetic formula I would take on for twenty-years each. Each one could easily be a complete comedy sketch.

  Me - just for laughs.

  A New York City pigeon

  A barroom stool

  Pop singer

  an old man - oh shit I am already one of then


  David Letterman

 A bottle floating in the sea

  Prince Charles' stuffed shirt


  Mick Jagger's lips

  taxi cab in LA

  Table top dancing prosititue in an 18-year old female body

  traffic light

  an electric chair in a Texas prison

  a pair of Amanda Marco's shoes

Actually I came up with dozens more - so in a three thousand-year cycle I would have quite a set of experiences thanks to genetic engineering.

Even came up with punishments for bad people. Just think of what a life sentence would be if we were living for thousands of years. Like a life sentence for being really bad - ya know like dumping someone's genes in the toilet and laughing at the mutations - "You have been sentenced to a life of marriage - that will be 4584 years"

But I will leave all that to the comedians, the metaphysical folks, the futurists, moralists and post-peoplists. For me I am just happy that my 16 year got on his flight to the States to play baseball for the next two-months - and now I can clean my genetically male mutated messy house.

Terrell has left the net.

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