sorryPope Seeks Pardon for Catholics: At Sunday's special Mass (March 12, 2000) the pope asked God's forgiveness for the sins of Catholics through the ages, including wrongs inflicted on Jews, women, and minorities

The Catholic Church did the ultimate Catholic thing this week. Instead of dealing with the havoc it has wrought for the past 2000 years and attempting to fix anything it said sorry- forgive us - forgive us for destroying native cultures, forgive us for burning women at the stake (I will take mine well done thank you), forgive us for destroying the earth, for our paedophile priesthood, for our rape and plunder. And that was it. The man himself, Pope John Paul II, - the mascot of the most evil empire to ever exist on planet earth said sorry, said a few hail Mary's and everything was OK.

I suppose it is more than the Australian's 'little Johnny Howard' would do. He can't say sorry for the destruction of Aboriginal culture, now he can pass the boomerang over to the Church. "It's their fault". When do we deny criminals of their excuses? It reminds me of my ex-wife. Her excuse for not mothering for the past 15-years, imprisoning me in a foreign country to be a single parent (TRYTHIS) was that I prevented her from mothering. When do we stop listening to excuses? Now the Church says we are sorry. WHAT?

Because the Church finally realizes they have been busted for their 2000-years of sins, they now know that the millions of unthinking people who have blindly followed in the believe of a better after life if they sacrifice themselves to the Church in this one no longer believe that nonsense.

Isn't it fitting that the pope would give his forked tongue meaningless sack of words when Mercury was retrograde in Pisces? Like saying something with fingers crossed, and in Pisces, the ultimate "I'm sorry" sign - the sign of the fishy (I will make you fisher of men and all the other good Pisces Christian slogans, as well as the fishy symbol they have used for 2000-years as a Piscean age symbol of martyrdom and sacrifice, deception, delusion and all the rest of the Piscean keywords). Sink or swim mate!

Yes! It is finally over. The Piscean Age is over. Sacrifice and guilt - the big Church control devices are no longer valid. Now with Pluto - the planet of transformation in Sagittarius conjunct Chiron - the comet of healing currently visiting our realm to fix up what the Church has destroyed, the Catholic Church is suddenly shitting in their collective shrouds (Uranus is in Aquarius, the end of the age mate. Their 2000-year old mascot allegedly said I will be with you until the end of this age - well that was the glorious Piscean age and it is over. The Aquarius cycle shows up the dis-ease of the past. The light shows up the darkness and the darkness just ain't getting it. Behold the karma of the Pope - Parkinson's dis-ease - leaves him trembling in his self-created guilt.

So bye bye Catholic Church - we don't forgive you and what you have done for the past 2000-years, but we intend on fixing this planet and getting rid of control of women, destruction of cultures, the murdering and rapping of those with different world-views. The great Christian mascot said sell what you have and give to the poor. The Vatican needs to sell all it has and give to the poor. The reason there are the poor is because the Church has created them. The change is here.

A few of their indiscretions over the years: The church burned heretics at the stake during the Inquisition (as well as women throughout the past 2000-years). Armies of the faithful slaughtered Muslims during the Crusades. The way it treats gay and lesbian Catholics (why would they want to be part of the evil empire anyway?) Discrimination against women; The silence of (Pope) Pius XII during Auschwitz and the Holocaust. What the Church at its convents and schools has done to children and is still doing; rape and torture continuously here in Australia is criminal and the Church should be banned along with all other murderous control institutions, as well as what they did to the Indigenous population needs to be brought to accountability. The Catholic Church is not a spiritual entity (no religious group of any denomination is). Its sole purpose is to control those in the physical and it is not at all interested in anything but its own physical gratification.

Cheers mate.



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NeuageVIEW for Tuesday, March 14, 2000

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