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Albany Academy and Albany Academy for Girls

Albany, New York

135 Academy Road, Albany, New York 12208
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Dr. Terrell Neuage  

BA (Journalism, Literature), Honours (Adolescent Literature), Masters (Internet as Literature), Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia;

Ph.D. (Internet Communication and New Media) University of South Australia 



Computer Courses for 2005 - 2006 taught by Dr. Neuage

 3D - CAD E-Writing Web Design Essentials FrontPageBLOGSWikis

Student Work Flash-Commercials - Flash Children Stories, Gif Stories, Logo (Cool 3D), Web-Videos, 3D Modelling, Flash Poems, Birthday Flash, Evening of the Arts

News "Commercials in Flash"


SOFTWARE AVAILABLE FOR STUDENT USE: On all AAG PC-lab computers: MacromediaMX (Dreamweaver, Flash, FreeHand, Fireworks), Ulead Cool 3D Studio, Ulead Gif Animator, Eastgate StorySpace (plus five - full titles), Microsoft Office 2003. On all AA PC-lab computers: Macromedia 2004 Flash, Microsoft Office 2003 (plus FrontPage 2003), Power DVD, Sony Acid Music Studio 6, Finale 2005b, Adobe Photoshop CS and Illustrator CS, Rhino 3D, Flamingo, Bongo, Penguin and many other 'minor' programs and plug-ins.


II. Stream one  Internet Media

III. Stream threeTechnology for Expression: CREATIVE DESIGN

III. Essential Technologies 760 -

The following are 1/3rd credit units. (3 will make up 1 credit)

Stream one

Internet Media is comprised of three trimester courses that can be taken independently or together.

1. 710 Web Design (Fall)

Grades 9-12 (1/3 credit) AAG/AA

2. 711 Internet Animation (winter)

Grades 9-12 (1/3 credit) AAG/AA 

3. 712 Internet Video (Spring) with this class we will be collaborating with the Music Department and the Arts Department

Projects for trimester three

  1. Hairspray (Medley) Evening of the Arts
  1. Personal Musical Video
  1. Flash animation of a product

Stream threeTechnology for Expression: CREATIVE DESIGN

1. 754 3D animation and CAD (Computer Aided Design) (1/3 credit) (fall 2005)

Grades 9-12 AAG/AA

This course teaches students the fundamental techniques involved in using 3D animation and an introduction to CAD. The second half of the trimester will be spent in creating a project using the techniques learned in class.

2. 755 Computer Writing (1/3 credit) (Winter 2005)

Grades 10-12 AAG/AA

An introduction to an exciting form of creative writing using hypertext to invent alternative endings, merging stories; thinking of story-writing in a multidimensional form rather than a linear form. Using the software Storyspace (

3. 756 Web design (1/3 credit) (spring 2006)

Grades 9-12 AAG/AA

This course uses the software, Microsoft Front Page.

Essential Technologies

760 -

Nanotechnology - At State University at Albany is the first college in the world devoted exclusively to nanoscale science, CNSE is pioneering a new academic model.



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