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You came
so fast
that I
could not see
that you
were just
a dream

© Terrell Neuage 1973 New Orleans

Thoughts in Patterns 5
the latest book (2017) from Terrell Neuage NOW AVAILABLE PUBLISHED 29/12/2017 FROM AMAZON


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 Leigh Neuage 6th July 1983 - 16th August 2003         every place I go I go with you ~ thanks for being always with me always. I only wish I could be with you. Everyday is more difficult than the one before. 03 September 2010.

NEW SITE = JULY 2014 - - Today working on picture poem links starting around "better" (19 September 2014). Picture poems are the digital format of work I did as a street artist in New Orleans in the 1970s, as well as New York City, Honolulu, San Francisco and Adelaide South Australia. .

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