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Life is an array of experiences. But it is the first time experiences that are memorable. There is only one first time for any new event. I am fortunate. At 52-years I have had two new experiences this year, beyond the realm of anything I have known before.

Working for Family and Community Services with pre-teenagers is nothing new. Having raised two humans from scratch, alone, on an island in a desolate foreign country has been filled with unique experiences.

One of my community service's charges is into motor-sports. Something I have never been interested. The purpose of a motorized vehicle is to get me to where I am going. Overland, sea, through the air - who cares - just get me there.

At ten-years old he knows more about cars than I do. We started off with the usual hot rod shows. They were OK. His favorite is a '57 Chevy. I never had a chevy. I grew up in a Ford family. My father, now 95, never had anything but a Ford. He got a new Ford every two years, a station wagon, usually beige. He was the local Methodist be-all in Clifton Park, New York. So the station wagon was perfect to cart the un~saved children of Clifton Park to church. His father had Fords. Started off with a Model-T.

At hot-rod shows we walk along and I say "I remember that, My father had a '55 Ford". Of course I don't recall the engine sticking 20 feet into the air out of the hood (bonnet here in Australia) and such huge wheels and so many exhaust pipes.

At the hod rod shows there are the '49, '51, '53, '55, '57, '59s - they are all there. Believe it, this is Australia where the American car reigns supreme, if only at car shows. I was born in '47 - I look around they never have cars from '47 - born in a bad year I suppose. The year of the pig. Same as my youngest son. Oink!

(Note! 20+ years later looking at this none of the links I had for references below work so I have chopped them is life on the WWW)

We progressed in our car lessons. Started going to the drags. This amazed me. Cars flying by so fast. The World's fastest '57 Chevy, the world's fastest GTR Torana (this is Australia, sometimes people race cars other than American cars, and Debbie, the fastest female around driving the world's fastest GTR Torana, not including the long dragsters which I noticed a few females driving; Australia the home of the fast woman - probably all Aries at that. At one car show we went to, I saw this dragster that was as long as our house, and the female driver, young, petite, sat in front of it autographing her pin-up calendars, with her in various poses scantly clad attired in front of her dragster, I don't understand. I must just be getting old. I must admit I was a bit in awe of her. My girl friend, a true-blue Aussie feminist and an Aries at that I thought would be happy to know about all this. And having her Mars opposite her Sun squaring Uranus; all that cardinality unleashed this was the way for her. I went and told her about the female drag racer. She was impressed, right up her alley. Then I told her about the scantly clad posses on the calendar and my ears were ringing for weeks after. Seems the female racing a dragster and being an Aries was fine. The poses were not. Something about sexist and all. I am getting too old for all of this).

Where was I? Oh, the drag races. There were all the cars of my past, '55 Chevy, even a '39 Ford (well I am not that old) - all flying by making the loudest racket I have ever heard. Two hundred miles an hour. The ground shook and my body went numb. Would it be inappropriate to say that this is really bad for the environment? After five hours my physical was in tatters. I had dreams of thundering cars flying by for days. After a few weekends of this I suggested we try something else. Last night we went to indoor motorcycle racing at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Some grand motocross thingie - world class the radio ads bleated all week.

The announcer screamed into the PA system louder than the roaring bikes. All these names and at the same time telling stories about individuals -- now leading ---he won last time in --- and again --- and has 23 points this year --- and look, in third place South Australia's own --- let's give him a big cheer - opps he fell off his bike, the crowd groans, looks like the Vics are going to win again. Basically I worked out that some guy has won a lot and Adelaide is round four in this season's tour.

What I find strange with motorsports - strange because I haven't seen it in other sports, is these adolescent scantly clad females come out and kiss the winners. They do it at grandprixs for both cars and motorcycles, for drag races, though now with females in drag races I wonder if some muscle bound guy in his knickers will kiss the winner. It has to be regarded as prostitution. Pay the price (win the race) and get a kiss from a near naked girl. And they don't just walk up to the podium, they wiggle their butts more than an ordinary person would, and of course all the males in the crowd go stupid, and the girls smile and wiggle some more. No other sport does this, wait - I remember - boxing and wrestling do it, but they aren't real sports, they are just another form (forum?) for pornography in its ugliest form. Can you imagine at an AFL (Australian Football League) footy game a scantly clad girl going up and kissing the winners? She'd be rapped on the spot right there on the football paddock by the whole team, and of course the crowds would cheer. Where are the feminists at motorsports? What is wrong with a grandmother or the Australian Prime Minister, little Johnny Howard, kissing the winner? Of course at the grand prix races the winner gets a kiss from the girl than uncorks the champagne after shaking it and letting it spurt all over the place - where is Fraud at a time like this.


Even five, six and seven year olds raced around, though they didn't do the jumps. And the winners are kissed by the scantly clad girls rubbing their tits against the winners (first, second and third place) and kissing them on the cheek. These junior winners at the motorcross were six and seven years old, what an education in how to grow up and be a healthy sexist male. It actually borders on paedophilisam.


"Watch South Australia beat the Vics, (Victoria, a neighboring paddock) the Yanks, (we know who they are) take on the might of New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia... (more neighboring paddocks). The drag races were the same. South Australia vs. Western Australia, the ultimate funny car shoot-out. South Australians have a desperate need to beat someone, anyone, in anything. Just to be recognized as an existing spot on earth would be good. For example, whilst speaking with a nurse at Ellis Hospital in Schenectady, New York last week regarding the condition of my ailing 95-year old father I told her I was from Adelaide. She never had heard of Adelaide. I said it is in South Australia. She said, Oh is that in the southern part of Australia?"

Recently I signed a guestbook of the radio station I listen to over the Internet, WGNA in Albany New York, a country and western radio station I listen to as a relief from the constant hip hop stuff my kids play. In the 'where from" area I put Adelaide, South Australia. I actually received an e-mail the following day asking what country was Adelaide, South Australia in.

What is amazing about the Internet is that you realize the rest of the world has never heard of the city you live in, and that no one in the rest of the world really cares what goes on in your town. But Australians are the same. Most people think New York is New York City. If I say I grew up in Clifton Park in upstate New York they think I mean a suburb in uptown New York City. Very few people know that New York is a state and that there are other cities. Even the fact that Albany is the capital of New York is unknown.

I don't know if I could have coped if my children had done motorsports. They did the usual sports in youth: soccer, baseketball, baseball. My youngest stayed with baseball and is currently on his sixth Australian National team. And is off to Edmonton Canada to play in the U-19 World Series. My baseballer has topped $30,000 in expenses for his travels overseas ( USA, South Africa, USA, Canada) plus a dozen tournaments in various cities around Australia.

Apparently motorsports are even more expensive. As a single parent these past 15 years it has been nothing short of miracles for me to gather the funds for baseball. Nothing to say of all the court appearances I had to go to so my son could travel interstate and overseas.

Four hours later the motocross was finished. I dropped my mentored youth (though he may be mentoring me when it gets to motor sports) and his mate off and lay in bed with the sounds of flying, jumping motorcycles and adolescent girls humping the winners on the podium.

Cheers mate! Why do people here say g'day mate - even at night. Why not good night?

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