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The Magic Mansion  Latest story >>>The Magic Mansion (http://neuage.org/MM/ Maggie and Mabel's Magic Mansion will take them wherever they wish to go. The house used for this story is a model made by my father-in-law after visiting our house in Round Lake, New York and upon return to Australia he built this model based on his memory of our house. The page for this house is at http://neuage.org/house/ As of October 2015 there are three chapters and an introduction to these adventures.


Text Box: 1550 WordsTerrell Neuage

110 Victoria Street Victor Harbor

South Australia 5211

By: Terrell Neuage

"Another birthday party?

I don't need another birthday party. Eighty four years of birthdays is enough. If I stop having birthdays I'll stop getting older.

Take away the cake, take away the balloons, take away the presents.

Unless there is a ticket to Australia I don't want any gifts.

Kenneth Adsit looked around the restaurant. Children were running around laughing, their parents were having a great difficulty keeping up with them. What were the parents upset about? Their children were with them. His were not. New York to Australia is a very long ways. It's even further for an eightyfour year old.

Text Box:                 NEVER TOO OLD,        T. Neuage                 page 2

He was angry with people treating him like he was too old to take care of himself. He was angry that the people in the community wanted to put him into a nursing home - what ever for?

He lived alone in his caravan in the Clifton Park Caravan Park. He was able to drive his car, a red two seater convertible sports car that a fast talking salesperson had convinced him he should have. He could cook for himself, shop, pay his bills and he kept his home very tidy. Most of all he kept in touch with his son and grandchildren on the other side of the world. He sent the grandchildren toys, computer games, videos, books and clothes that were fashionable in the States, giving the children a 'first on

the block' look. He also sent them letters and cards and valuable collector's items; Indian arrowheads, and his coin and stamp collection.

The grandchildren wrote back to him and sent their artwork they had done at school. He had drawings, photos, posters and paintings hanging all over his caravan.

If only he could see them, hug them, tell them stories, play with them; watch them sleigh riding in winter and swimming in a lake in summer. It had been six years since he had seen them. They were getting older. Sacha was almost ten years old and Leigh was seven. Photographs just weren't enough.

He was interrupted from his daydreams of being with his grandchildren by the people who had put on the surpirse party. He stood up and walked out of the restaurant.

NEVER TOO OLD        T. Adsit-Neuage         page 3

"Surprise party?

There is only one surprise I want."

On the way home from the 'surprise party' he stopped at the bank. He'd buy another toy for the children. He'd rather buy the grandchildren another toy than buy more food or clothing for himself.

He was so deep in thought about what he'd buy for the grandchildren that he wasn't watching where he was going. As he was going into the bank he crashed very hard into a person who was coming out of the bank. They both heavily crashed to the floor.

Suddenly several bank guards grabbed the other man and held him tightly. The man had a mask over his face and a bag in his hand. Soon the police came running into the bank and they led the bank robber away.

Kenneth Adsit was a hero. He had captured, or so the papers said, 'a very dangerous and wanted criminal.' As a matter of fact the bank robber was the number one wanted man on the police top ten most wanted list. Kenneth Adsit would receive a $10,000 reward after he had identified the bank robber in court.

At home one day Kenneth Adsit looked out of his caravan

window. Across the street from him two men in a car were

watching his caravan.  He had seen them before. They had
been following him for days.

Text Box: NEVER TOO OLD T. Neuage	page 4Kenneth Adsit had to go to court and indentify the man from the bank robbery so the police could lock him away in prison. If something happened to him before the court day

then the bank robber would be freed. He didn't see why the police needed him they had videos of the man and other witnesses but to claim his award money he had to identify the bank robber himself. He wanted the money he was going to go to Australia. The men in the car didn't want him to go to court. He had to get out of the caravan. He had to escape.

He still had clothing of his wife's. She was in a nursing home but he kept some of her clothes in the caravan. There was always the possiblity that she'd get better and come home. But she had been in the nursing home for ten years and she didn't even recognize him when he came to see her. There was no time to feel sad now he had to escape. He dressed up in his wife'~ clothes. He felt very silly and when he looked in the mirror he couldn't stop laughing. He had on a wig, a hat, dress, and slippers (her shoes just wouldn't fit).

He took one of his wife's pocketbooks, and put in pictures of his two sons, one living in New York City and the other in Australia. Most important of all he put in several photographs of the grandchildren. He took his bank book, passport, a photo of his wife and a chocolate candy bar - one is never too old for chocolate.

Text Box: NEVER TOO OLD T. Neuage	page 5He looked out the front window and saw that the men were still watching the caravan.

Kenneth Adsit rang the fire station and told them there was a fire in his caravan.

He rang for an ambulance.

He rang for a taxi.

He rang for a tow truck.

He rang a takeaway food shop and ordered a pizza.

He rang the zoo and said that there was a poisonous snake in front of his caravan.

Kenneth Adsit had never lied before so if he was going to start now he might as well do a grand job of it.

When he heard the firetrucks approaching he started a fire on the sofa and walked out the front door. The men who were watching the caravan looked at him being a her. Kenneth Adsit got into his car and drove away. The men didn't follow him they thought he was his wife. In a few moments the firetrucks arrived, the police arrived, the tow truck, pizza deliverer, taxi, ambulance and the zoo keeper all arrived. The street was so blocked from the different things going on that the men in the car couldn't follow the escaping man.

At the courthouse the next day the two men were there. They told Kenneth Adsit that if he said that their mate was the bank robber that he would not live to see another day.

"I sure got away from you fellows yesterday, didn't I?" he laughingly exclaimed.

NEVER TOO OLD    T. Neuage              page 6



And then he walked into the courthouse and identified the bank robber and watched him taken off to jail. As he was led away Kenneth Adsit looked at him and said, "naughty, naughty, naughty," which made the man turn red and give a frightfull stare back.

Kenneth Adsit received a check for $10,000 and left the courthouse. He got onto a city bus and went to the back door of the bus and got off. The two men who had been following him jumped off of the bus too. But he was too fast, no one was going to catch this eighty four year old younster.

He walked into a motorcycle shop and bought a motorcycle helmet. He put it on and walked out of the store. The two men who were following him didn't recognize him.

He went to the bank and asked for *10,000 cash for the check that he had been given in court. The bank officials didn't want to give him that much cash all at one time but he was persistent.

He walked out of the bank and put his motorcycle helmet back on and got into a cab and didn't take his helmet off until the cab was on its way.

At a street corner he saw the two men who were chasing him walking across the street, he waved to them then stuck out his tongue. The two men ran after the taxi but the taxi was too fast for them.

Text Box: NEVER TOO OLD T. Neuage	page 7Ten minutes later Kenneth Adsit was at the airport. He bought a ticket to Australia and boarded the plane. When he was safely in his seat and the plane was in the air he looked back at the city he was leaving behind. He felt sad that his wife was still there but she wouldn't miss him, not for the little while he would be gone. Maybe he'd be gone for only a month, maybe he'd be gone for a few months maybe even a year - it didn't matter. He was on his way to see his children.

He didn't care about the bank robber's friends anymore. He didn't worry about the people in his community that wanted to put him into the nursing home, it all just didn't matter anymore.

He smiled and laid back in his seat. Another birthday party?

"Well sure! let's have one for when I'm eighty five. A birthday surprise party with my children. I'll never be too old for a birhday with them."

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