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#OurCurrentLifeWithCovid/War in Europe as of 31 July 2022 Sunday ~ 8 AM Adelaide, South Australia

the secrets of life I chased through your eyes evening rose your touch filled the skies I went to sleep

with you

in my mind

but woke

with you

in my heart

Sometimes life is so unreal

when I think of life

I think of you more

Time is cute

like a child's flute

its magic is a surprise

even to morning rise

and it's always in rhyme

that's how I see time


when I think of you

I think of time

I think of time and the secrets of life

and I keep finding myself

galloping through your eyes.


(c) Terrell Neuage (Adsit pre-8-81) 3-78: photo London 1/85

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 Leigh Neuage 6th July 1983 - 16th August 2003         every place I go I go with you ~ thanks for being always with me always. I only wish I could be with you. Everyday is more difficult than the one before. 03 September 2010.