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Name: Elizabeth Johnson Tsang
Country: USA Date: Thu Sep 9 21:27:25 2004
Comment: Beautiful boy....peace be with you.

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Name: Jay evans
Country: USA Date: Sun May 9 21:04:48 2004
Comment: That is so sad about a promising prospect, he might've become a huge star had it not been for that tragic day.

Name: l
Country: Date: Sat Dec 13 15:40:45 2003
Comment: like many others, i attended high school at wirreanda with leigh. and, also like a lot of others, i didn't know him personally but it was difficult to avoid his presence. despite such a tragic loss, it is quite heartwarming to see everyone come together on his behalf. obviously leigh could have achieved so much with whatever he chose to do. rest in peace.

Name: Alicia
Country: Adelaide, SA Date: Mon Dec 1 06:22:00 2003
Comment: Unfortunately i did not get the chance to meet Leigh face to face, however many early mornings were spent talking to leigh over the internet, a wonderful person from what i was shown and to all Leigh's family and friends please accept my condolences and know leigh is watching down over everyone of you and will always be with us all in spirit.

Name: Amy
Country: USA Date: Tue Nov 25 00:27:57 2003
Comment: It greatly saddens me to hear of Leigh’s passing. I’d been e-mailing him now for several months with no reply. I met Leigh three years ago on an airplane bound for Los Angeles, as he was headed home. We’ve kept in touch ever since. Leigh was a great friend to me, a wonderful listener, had a huge heart, and always knew how to make me smile. I was lucky enough to see him towards the end of July and for that I am grateful. They say that “only the good die young” and I now know this to be true.

Name: Andrew Durston & Steve Taylor
Country: Australta Date: Sun Nov 16 01:00:01 2003
Comment: Steve and I were good friends of Leigh and will miss him a lot! Cant believe that he has gone!Leigh was funny and would always make us laugh and not only that he also had a awsome personality that make you smile!Talent wow! He had it all! As Steve and I have mensioned will miss him a lot! Rest in peace Leigh and we will join u up there one day!

Name: Roberta Edgecombe
Country: Unalaska, AK Date: Wed Nov 12 19:12:44 2003
Comment: Terrell, I just read about Leigh 's passing a couple of days ago, and wanted to send prayers out to you and your family. Reading many of his friend 's postings to this guestbook reminds me of the Terrell I knew many years ago; Leigh must have had some of the old man in him. Take care dear brother and God bless you all. Roberta

Name: Humphrey
Country: wirreanDAAAAAAA Date: Mon Oct 20 18:42:44 2003
Comment: alot of thank u's go out to terrell for making a website so i can see him when i miss him, and also 4 raising such a fine, outstanding and loving person. So long leigh u will always be remembered.... DAAAAA. AHIGHT. Luv Humphrey b bear

Name: Humphrey
Country: aus Date: Mon Oct 20 18:35:50 2003
Comment: Leigh u will always be remembered in my heart and in my life. thanx 4 the good times. i remembered the time u were goin to buy us all a house when u got ur $5 million contract, with the sincerity in ur voice followed by da...

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