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Terrell Neuage Daily Thoughts for 2019 what I just wrote five minutes ago already thrown up on the web - who knew?updated (here) 03/08/19 Adelaide, South Australia
e-books of Terrell Neuage updated July 31 2019

picture poems are available at these sites: Twitter, Tumblr ~ Pinterest ~ linkedin ~ Flickr (2019) / Flickr (pre-2019) updated 03/08/19 Adelaide, South Australia

The Magic Mansion - A children's story based on the house below.

current video of 15 Second Street as of March 2015

updated 01 February 2019 (Adelaide, South AUstralia)

Some old Roundlake YouTube videos:

Data for Round Lake ~ Round Lake Village 1943 wedding of Kenneth Adsit and Ruth Woodruff in Round Lake (my parents)

15 Second Street (Fire) & 13 Second Street

PHOTOS Slideshow inside - outside (what the house looked like before renovations)

Adelaide South Australia renovations 1. our happy loo 2. Kitchen floor laid 3. Robes Installed 4. Kitchen renovation 5. Life on a shelf

original house
Photo from early 1920s of 15 Second Street (Here is some history of Charles Hammond and early Round Lake)

house as of 2006

updated Sunday, 08-March-2015 8:30 AM


1950s 15 Second Street Round Lake New York

Thoughts in Patterns 6 (e-book / printed copy) 15/01/2019 (first 14 pages ebook free viewing) ~ updated 31 Janaury Adelaide, South Australia
Textualities (DAILY thought splats) updated 01/February/2019 Adelaide, South Australia