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Textualities of Motion in Travel

This is the writing used in picture poems for 2018 by Terrell Neuage. Photograps are from the following places that I lived in during 2018 : Adelaide, South Australia, India , Europe, with a few stops in between. They will be in my e-book; ‘Thoughts in Patterns 6’ available from Amazon. toward the end of 2018

picture poems are available at these sites: Twitter, Flickr, Google Plus last updated 13/January/2018 t

'Leaving Australia Book 2' (new) Leaving Australia 'Again': Before the After NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACk

2016 texts ~ Books 1 -4
2017 texts some used in Book 5 'Thoughts in Patterns 5' now from Amazon

INDIA 01 February - 16 APRIL 2018