DAISlive is the in-house news shows for Dalian American International School. It is a part of the course Film Production and Video News at DAIS. DAISlive and Huamei Weekly is a vehicle to showcase student’s story-telling, video editing and journalism work of the DAIS/Huamei Academy community. Dr. Terrell Neuage was the teacher and editor of the shows for 231 shows between August 2011 and June 2014. A sample of these shows are available as examples of our shows and are necessarily the best but I posted them to show we did. Students are from the middle school and high school. Permission is not granted to re-broadcast any show.

Of the 231 episodes I was part of here are a handful I kept:

1. June 17, 2014 Staff who are leaving farewell and last show of DAISlive produced by Dr. Terrell Neuage

2. April 04, 2014 - Tomb Sweeping, Senior Story highlight (Rikki), International Day, Book Review, Science Fair Coming up, our new three-D printer, Mission Moment person, Movement exercises.

3. February 18 2014 How to act in the lunch room, last week's Ski trip highlights, Senior Profile - Mark, HK tournament prep

4. February-11-2014 Special with Yangoon International School, Valentine DAY Special, Steven Yun of Walking Dead greetings to DAISlive,

5. April 29 2014 Soccer tournament, Senior Profile: Julia Li, Mission Moments, Chicken Dance with Joe Fred

6. January 24, 2014

7. May 30, 2014





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