Leigh Neuage

Leigh Neuage Australian player of the decade

Children Never grow old
they just sprout wings
and fly away

July 06, 1983 (Adelaide, South Australia) - August 16, 2003 (Sydney, New South Wales)  

Memorial 04 / 05 / 06/ / 08 //10 - year seven, is this possible? I am still thinking Leigh is going off to Dodgertown Florida for spring traning but the last time he did that in February was 2003 - not this week...I will be staying once again at his last place, The Novotel Hotel Corner Olympic Boulevard and Herb Elliott Avenue Olympic Park Homebush Bay Sydney I will be here for memorials too many already] Song played at Leigh's funeral. Macy Grey "I Try" (she gets on the 15th floor in this clip and Leigh went off the 15th floor)

I visited places Leigh played baseball in the States in. In 2008 these included Rome and Columbia Georgia (and last home - Phenix City, Alabama) and Lakewood, New Jersey. December 2009 stadiums he pitched in at these places ( Hagerstown, Maryland; Charleston, West Virginia; Greensboro & Kannapolis & Hickory & Asheville, North Carolina; Augusta & Savannah, Georgia; Columbia & Charleston, South Carolina). Leigh's Farmville Farm Thursday, March 17, 2011 4:59 PM

I will always love you
whatever you are doing
on whatever plane you are
this world was only ever just a stop along the way
I am with you always

Your Father for a mere twenty years

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I now know that baseball was just a small part of who you were. What you showed the world was just your shadow (fuzzy logic) a cover for a painful life within that I am just learning to understand and deal with five and half years after you decided this was not the place for you. It was yesterday (12th of March 2009) when I was reading what two friends of yours wrote in your facebook that I realised that to many baseball was just a small aspect of you.

Leigh use to say that none of his friends played baseball. He liked that. Their only interest in baseball was Leigh. "Baseball is my job it is not me" he once wrote. I use to love watching Leigh pitch, it was an art form. He was so good. The Atlanta Brave's scout clocked him at 92 mph when he was 16. Nothing stressed him when he was on the mound. When he was pitching he had control of the universe yet still he said baseball was just his job. Just an act he was good at from daily practice from the age of seven when he announced he would play for the NY Yankees. No one in our area played baseball. Country South Australia is into Aussie Rules Footy and cricket.

You gave so much of yourself and are still remembered and missed by so many. Of your more than one-hundred friends in Facebook, not a one speaks about your baseball career. They only speak of missing a friend. I miss you too so much everyday. Thank you for all you gave. I only keep your ashes with me on my desk or next to my bed because I have never known where to put them. We lived in so many places but I think one day I will spread them in either Mt. Compass or in Victor Harbor because there was a time we were happy in the Fleurieu Peninsula. I definitly will not leave them in the United States, Sydney or in Adelaide.


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Australian National Baseball Teams

  1. August 1997 age 14 U-15 Australian National Team – Brisbane, Old, Australia
  2. July 1998 age 15 - U 16 National Team July 11-19 World Championships Fairfield Heights, Illinois, USA – (Australia fourth in World Championship of 16 countries)
  3. July 1999 age 16 Australian National Team, Johannesburg, South Africa
  4. July 1999 age 16 Australian Schoolboys National Team Lismore, NSW, Australia
  5. July 2000 age 17 Australian Schoolboys National Team, Florida, USA
  6. July 2000 age 17 Australian National Team, U-18, Canada
  7. December 2000 age 17 International Baseball League Championship Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
  8. November 7, 2001 World Cup Taiwan
South Australian State Teams
  1. State 1/1997 age 13 South Australian U/14 State Squad. - Glenelg, South Australia
  2. State 1/1998 age 14 South Australian U-16s State Squad – Canberra, ACT
  3. State 3/1998 age 14 South Australian School Boy Team – Brisbane, Queensland
  4. State 1/1999 age 15 South Australian U-16s State Squad - Alice Springs, NT
  5. State 5/1999 age 15 South Australia schoolboy team - Perth, WA
  6. State 1/2000 age 16 South Australian U-18s State Squad - Perth, WA
  7. State 5/2000 age 16 South Australia schoolboy team Brisbane - Queensland
  8. State 1/2001 age 17 South Australian U-18s State Squad - Sydney, NSW


February 2001 age 17 signed with LA Dodgers  LA Dodgers future is Leigh Neuage

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