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eugene oregon 9-2004

Beneath the seas No loneliness is known
Rain never falls Seldom a cloudy day.
I was diving for perils far off the coast
trying to stay clear of the nuclear submarines
and tourists looking for love and treasures.

In the distance I saw the Titanic
sleeping on the ocean floor.

I saw her swimming across the upper deck
she was on that maiden voyage too long ago
She took me to her cabin - An oasis in the sea
We danced a decade away
as the fish and memories swam by
She told me how she had waited
for so long to be discovered

I said, "me too" as I swam out the door
and returned to the land I never once believed

Some day I will return to the Titanic and her
But until then I can only stare at her smile
that constantly beckons me to return
and keeps me from having the women I meet
at single bars and barmitzvah parties
knowing beneath the sea she waits for me

with Bacchanalian pleasure for evermore.

Photo Randy Dandurand
Eugene Oregon August 25, 1994

(c) Terrell Neuage 8-10-1992

Victor Harbor South Australia






















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