Weekly poems from Adelaide South Australia southernexpressway by Dr.Neuage (Poem for May 02, 2000)

 (see??? the earth didn't turn upside-down with seven planets in Taurus)

As far as I could imagine

was never far enough

to place me here.

I was prospecting in a small town up north

(Papunyu in the Northern Territory)

The circus had left a small tent behind.

I peeked inside, looking for adventure.

There was a gypsy sitting naked in front

of a crystal ball she was fondling.

She had my portrait tattooed on her breasts...

it was impossible not to notice - even for a man.

She said my future was mapped in my hands

would I put them on my portraits

to know.

I remembered her from some distant shore

(when we were children it was her dolls

I had sacrificed to Aphrodite

during mass and she never forgave)

I didn't want my future told

I knew where all the doors were


As I left the tent

I felt Chiron's hot laughter behind me

and turned just in time to watch the tent

disappear into the screaming mist

Before long I did forget it all

until tonight when my concupiscent concubines

came home and said a gypsy was looking for me

to tell my future

she was no longer smiling.

Now I know it is my end because I sacrificed

to the wrong god so long ago

like all men do to bring about their end

Storiette #7 4-17-94 Victor Harbor SA

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