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We were children playing by the seaWe were children playing by the sea

playing by the sea

skipping rope in the sand

telling secrets to seagulls

who never had heard whisper

We were children playing by the sea

Never knew that I would get caught

in the skip rope

and you would be carried away

by the seagulls

8-19-71 Montauk Pt. Long Island New York

Saw you last night

who grew

out of the street we use to live off of

and that I have never left

The rains fell

The bus left

Laugh at me

I'll stay.

2-20-72 New Orleans

I've always loved you

and every few times I see you

When your window opens into my life

I taste your breath

When the drapes are folded and placed

behind your breast I climb Mt. Olympus

and laugh with Zeus

When the kindling is lit

I romp in your fire

We are like two galaxies tossing

shooting stars to and fro

I have always known you to be

and I will love you in my mind

until all the poems fall to the ground.

9-01-77 Towson Maryland

"Come here" 

said the spinach"Come here"

said the spinach

I looked around to be sure

no one was watching

Now we are married

and spend our evenings

laying in the garden

listening to the vegetables

sing the night away.

9-04-94 Victor Harobr South Australia

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