Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Yesterday we decided to take a trip out of town. We caught the ferry for a ride to The Princes Islands which is a group of 4 islands in the Marmara Sea, not far from Istanbul. There are no cars allowed which makes them interesting, so you see horses and carts delivering stuff, and tourists riding on the coaches drawn by horses. It’s been perfect weather here. Blue skies and lovely evenings. We are really relaxing.

The other night we sat in a café watching the soccer; Australia loosing to Italy because of a bad call by the unpire. Pretty upsetting to the Aussies; there were lots watching with their yellow T-shirts.

We are enjoying the food too; and the sour tasting apple tea is just great. This morning we checked out the St Sophia museum, which is a huge domed church/mosque/museum dating back to 300AD or something like that. They have a huge scaffolding set up in the middle as they restore it, and remove plaster which reveals ancient Christian mosaics. So here we are back in our little room, taking another nap!