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Begin - With the rise of electronic communication text is rapidly exchanged

Re. RULES (guidelines and netiquette) 

Chatrooms are one of the latest in interaction communication forms to exchange meaning. Rules for chatrooms, though being changed constantly are beginning to be uniform in what is expected behaviour of the participants.  Examples of rules that are what would be considered standard protocol are on the Xena chat site. 

When addressing online conversation, the terms "conversation",  "dialogue", "discussion", and are often used interchangeably. This thesis will attempt to clarify some of the subtle distinctions among them, describe how they work, and present some current research findings regarding both online and face-to-face conversations that take place within our current forms of electronic communication.


The word "conversation" comes from the Latin word "convertere" -- to turn around. It may also be interpreted as "to

take turns". Jellinek and Carr (1996) identified three broad purposes of conversation:


Within chatrooms we find all three purposes used, often at once.  Transacting or negotiation is more apparent in purpose chatrooms such as in the examples I use of ‘Storm’, ‘astrology’, ‘baseball’ and ‘web-3D’.  As there is more turn-taking for a purpose in these –for example, to discover or exchange information participants will often wait for a response.  To find out something is most often a process of negotiation.


The least used purpose as described above in chatrooms is the act of transformation