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America under attack
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Mideast peace
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India and Pakistan
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The political spectrum
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Peace in Northern Ireland?
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The Balkans: Macedonia
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Guns under fire
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Family violence
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Tackling immigration
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The U.S. military
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Condit and the Levy case
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Taxing and spending: Bush budget
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Environmental policies
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Changes in education
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Senator Elizabeth Dole?
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Reno for governor?
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Health care
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War crimes tribunal
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The Taliban
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Missile defense system
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U.S. - Cuba relations
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Euro: Ready or not
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The future of China
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Changes in Russia
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Women in society
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Religion NEW SITE = JULY 2014 - - Today
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War on drugs
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Gay rights
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The state of race relations
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Death penalty
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Human embryo use
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Space exploration
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Evolution and origins
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Movie reviews
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American cars?
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After the layoffs
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From America under attack:

"We built the USA on faith in a better future. If we allow fear to replace that faith, we will destroy our own economy, and if we do not strive to understand our own part in the world, we will probably continue to make the same mistakes."

-- Patti Wilhelm

"It is wrong to believe that whatever any Muslim does, represents Islam. Muslims are human and not perfect. Therefore, it is not correct to judge Islam by Muslims, but it is Muslims who should be judged by Islam."

-- Elizabeth Broers

"So, NOW the Taliban is saying that bin Laden has 'disappeared,' and they don't know where he is. ... Ooookay now, everyone who believes THAT, stand on your head and sing 'Carmen.' ... It is obvious that the Taliban are scared, VERY scared. I guess they didn't realize in their wildest dreams that the whole WORLD would be coming to get them."

-- Bill Fox

"Osama is busy worrying about hiding his sorry carcass. ... This terror campaign fell short of the mark, only part of it even successful. He gets to hide in his cave while these young men kill themselves. Whataguy!"

-- D.M. Spray

"It is now almost two weeks since the terrorists attacked our WTC. ... What must we do to get our government to act now to find all the other terrorists hiding in the USA - to stop all entry into the USA, install tough airport security, waterways, land borders, etc."

-- Robert J. Harvey

"I believe it was several months after the attack on Pearl Harbor before definitive action was taken against the known aggressors. Do you believe two weeks into the investigation is too long to wait for definitive action?"

-- Karen B. V.

"Is this possible scenario? ... The US could have stopped this terrorist attacks but didn't try to because the US needed excuse to wipe Muslims out in the world. ... Also GWB Jr wanted war to clean up the inventory of military weapons on behalf of the US military industry."

-- Ken Nashimoto

"We are sad about what happened on Sept. 11th. But we must move on with our lives. We must NOT let them tear America apart! They want us to turn on each other. They want us in pain. They want us to be sad and cry. They want us in FEAR!"

-- Angie Labonte



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