Robert Adsit - 1943 - 1994 Clifton Park New York (Shenendehowa Central School, Elnora New York: Central College Pella Iowa: New York City: artist, writer, musician, actor, brother of mine)

Terrell Adsit-Neuage Dedicated to Leigh Neuage an uncle you never got to know

Robert's Father Kenneth Adsit

Anyone who knew Robert Adsit and would like to contribute to this memorial site is welcome to.

Marc Seifer is working on a book on Robert along with Marta Waterman, as well as his friend Melissa Crandall who has written on him in her blog. Any information, memories and etc. please pass on to them


email - Terrell Neuage (Adsit)

[We worked on the Souvenir Book together, (HAIR) Dagmar ] The first BROADWAY BILTMORE SOUVENIR PROGRAM - designed by Robert J. Adsit -


Below are two cuttings from Metascience Quarterly 1980 provided by Marc Seifer


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            poems to robert

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Leigh Neuage 6th July 1983 - 16th August 2003 every place I go I go with you ~ thanks for being always with me always. I only wish I could be with you. Everyday is more difficult than the one before. 03 September 2010.

robert is dead

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