I wrote this due to too many e-mails from folks who knew me as Terrell (brother Arthur) Adsit in the 1960s and 1970s wondering how I ended up with the name Neuage and living in Australia

Thursday, May 27, 1999 11:36:03 Adelaide South Australia

Everyone should write a bit about themselves in the HOOM pages; go to folks and there will be a "LAST UPDATED..." next to your name for when ever you scribble anew, just e-mail me your stuff and it will appear in your name thing (in http you)

The reason I have gone on a bit here is because I keep often asked the same questions: "How did you end up in Australia?" and "How did you end up with the name Neuage?" Which of the HOOM re-groupings should I join? And etc. So here ya be mate, just a short explanation, with a bit of my two-pence, yens, cents and marcs tossed in for good measure.

Name: Terrell Neuage (Name change explained below)

Order name: Brother Arthur Adsit

Me and my post-HOOMie thingie

A deconstructionalistic approach to Order


Please do not critique what I have written - it is only my observations, and I just don't have the time to keep saying how I ended up in Australia, why my name is Neuage and whether I am going back - and besides why would anyone really care? I don't.

Have your say - write what you believe, what you have done, where you are in life. As for me I am going out in the paddock - throw another shrimp on the barbie watch footy on teley and theorize on why the rest of the world has gone so stupid.

Send a photo - .gif or .jpg would be best. I will put up a couple of my kids and me later this week

Me in HOOM


http://www.angelfire.com/hi/HOOM/etc3.html (me in Brown Brothers - top left)

Terrell 27/05/99, Adelaide South Australia - thirty years later. And thirty years from now I will be 81 - how old will you be? Worm holes through the universe anyone? ('Life is not a dress rehersal' and all the other good lines).


early 1999 - Sacha 18; Terrell 51 (that's age not IQ mate); Leigh 15