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·               Tue May 13 23:21:25    
Cooper came home after Waves starter
Leigh Neuage (1-3) issued back-to-back-to-back walks to force in a run and
make it 2-0

·        26 JANUARY, 2003 (AUSTRALIA DAY) 2003 Australian National Baseball Championships: The Claxton Shield Game Summaries

Leigh Neuage came on for SA to try and shut down NSW in the bottom of the tenth but walked the leadoff batter, Trent Oeltjen. Oeltjen advanced to second on a wild pitch. After two blistering fouls smashed into the SA dugout by Rod Van Buisen, SA trainer, Alan Waldron waved a white flag in reply. Van Buisen grounded out sending Oeltjen to third. Tunkin walked and Kingman got to first on a bad throw sending Tunkin to third and scoring Oeltjen, making the scores level 6-6. Neuage walked pinch hitter Jason Pospishil, loading the bases for Glenn Williams. Neuage hit Williams to force the winning run in. Final score, NSW 7, SA 6.




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Not sure if this has already been posted somewhere else but I was reading through baseball america and was shocked to see an obituary for Dodgers minor leaguer Leigh Neuage (03 Bowman set). Anyone else hear about this? The details behind it seemed a little strange.

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Posted - September 05 2003 :  02:02:02 AM  Show Profile  Send a private Message  Send wmu28 an instant message  Reply with Quote

He died in Austrailia Aug 16.

He fell to his death, 15 floors i beleive. Police aren't exactly sure what happened, but the are certain he wasn't pushed and he didn't jump. Just a tragic accident.

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Posted - September 05 2003 :  04:20:00 AM  Show Profile  Send a private Message  Reply with Quote

That is real sad.

Not wanting to sound sick, but how long until someone posts that they need his signed card to complete the set they are working on. No signed cards on ebay yet.


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my long hair can't cover up my red neck


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Damn, that really does suck.


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Posted - September 05 2003 :  7:58:54 PM  Show Profile  Send a private Message  Reply with Quote

Not to sound like a dick but he could have been on something and just been fucking around and boom he fell.Just a thougt.My heart and prayers go out to his family.

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