Cuban baseball players attack Australians in their dugout at the AAA Australia U-18 Baseball team at the World Series in Edmonton Canada 14 August, 2000

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Dear Terrell,

I agree - there should be something very strong done against the Cubans.

They could quite easily have killed one of our boys today. And they were

enjoying it.

The thing about legal action is not so silly .....................

Now we have to face these ................. tomorrow for the bronze medal. They were

beaten tonight by the USA 5-3. They had one player and one coach thrown out

of tonight's game by guess who?? The Australian umpire. Do you think they'll

be out to get us or what???

I hope that common sense will prevail.

Keep you fingers crossed for us,



PS. You also have to question the officials at the tournament. No security,

and knowing what the Cubans are like to let them on the field and enter the

dugout while the Australians were still there seems very stupid. Especially

after we had beaten the Cubans.


August 13, 2000


Basebrawl game 'on'


Tensions flare between Cubans and Aussies at

junior tourney


By SCOTT ZERR -- Staff Writer


A bat-swinging basebrawl between Cuba and Australia erupted

last night at the international baseball tournament in the city.


And the teams weren't even playing each other.


Tournament officials were meeting into today to discuss penalties

but said a game today between the teams will go ahead.


"It's still under investigation," said official Doug Boisvert. "We'll

be working on it through the night."


It's believed the regulators had a video of the clash.


The melee exploded when Cuba players getting ready for the

next game at Telus field tried to get into the Australian dugout,

which that team didn't feel ready to vacate.


Australia, which beat Cuba 5-4 earlier in the tournament, had just

lost a semifinal match with Korea and was taking a customary

cool down when Cuban players, preparing to face the U.S.,

entered the dugout.


Words were exchanged and pushing started before three Cuban

players grabbed aluminum bats and batting helmets and went on a

free-swinging rampage, witnesses allege.


"We're not going to stand there and let them whack our players

so we tried to break it up and that's it - it was on," said Australia

third baseman Scott Wearne.


"They were taking full hacks at them (with the bats). It was the

worst thing I've ever seen and I've been involved in sports for 20

years," said Darren Edgar, a coach for Australia.


Several Australian players rushed to their teammates' aid as the

donnybrook, including members of both coaching staffs,

continued inside the dugout and on the dugout steps.


Cuban journalist Raul Arce said he didn't see who threw the first



"The Australians kept saying the Cubans would get into the

dugout later, later," he said.


"The Australians were very angry because they had lost for the

first time in the tournament."


Tournament chairman Ron Hayter called the beef "a little



"I think some people grabbed baseball bats but I don't think

anyone was hit with one."


At least two Aussies suffered minor injuries in the scuffle and

head coach Trevor Schumm, a native of Spruce Grove, was

bitten on the right hand.


An Australian umpire calling the following game, between Cuba

and the U.S., ejected a coach and a pitcher from the Cuban



The umpire felt the pitcher had deliberately thrown at the batter.

The coach was ejected for arguing the call.


Last week at the opening ceremonies for the tournament Chinese

and Taiwanese fans clashed and at least one punch was thrown

before calm was restored.


Chinese officials had tried to persuade the organizers to ban

Taiwanese flags from games. China does not recognize Taiwan as

a country but treats it as a rebel province.


story included in the Korean game

Dear Terrell


Why was a Cuban suspended for SWINGING a bat(NOT WAVING IT).....I can not

believe the weak and pandering attitude prevalent by IBAF officials and the

so called press in Edmonton to out and out thuggery by the Cuban team lead

by their officials.......Trevor Schumm should have been commended not

suspended for his actions in protecting his team from harm. I was there.... I took photos(only

the most innocent photo was used by the Edmonton Sun)......this whole thing

will be, and is being swept under the carpet.......why would this guy

contact you......the tournament has been well organised and on whole been a

great experience for every team here(with the obvious exception)..CUBA

should be banned from playing in all junior tournaments......leave them in







The Technical Commission of the International Baseball

Federation has

suspended the Head

Coaches of the

Cuban and Australian

teams and one Cuban

player as a result of a

skirmish in and near

the first base dugout

on Saturday during

the World Junior AAA




The incident occurred shortly after Australia's loss to

Korea in the semi-finals of the 12-country tournament.

Cuba and the U.S.A. were scheduled to play the next



The Technical Commission, headed by Neil Lantz, of

Indianapolis, Indiana, handed out the suspensions

following a lengthy disciplinary hearing.


Cuban catcher Joanis Delgado was suspended for the

remainder of the tournament on the basis of a bat

swinging incident "for which substantial evidence has

been obtained," according to the official decision.


Coaches Trevor

Schumm of Australia

and Victor Mesa were

also suspended for

the balance of the

tournament for

violation of Rule 2.00

(b) of the Official

Baseball Rules, Page

20. In essence, for

failure to exercise

proper control over

their respective



Tuesday, August 15, 2000


Cuba's basebrawlers in tough Aussies say Castro's ballplayers will get a chilly reception at Olympics



Cuba's senior baseball team can expect a chilly reception in

Australia next month as word of Edmonton's basebrawl fiasco

spreads Down Under.


"It's big news at home - the baseball community is furious," said

Aussie Tom Robinson, who witnessed last Saturday's

bat-swinging battle between the junior Cuban and Australian

teams at Edmonton's 2000 World Youth AAA Baseball



That means no shrimp on the barbie, no ice-cold Fosters and no

"how ya goin' mate" for Cuban baseball players.


"Cuba's senior team will be in Sydney for the Olympic Games

next month and they won't be too popular," Robinson added.


Bob McMahon, who ran last year's Pan-American Games in

Winnipeg, said the violence could have been prevented if there

were cops at the Edmonton tournament.


"We had police at our games at all times. One time we didn't have

them deployed correctly and an anti-Castro Cuban made it

though the dressing room doors and onto the field," McMahon

said. "He wandered around shouting and was eventually punched

by the Cuban third base coach. Any time there's an international

tournament you need at least a minimal police presence. There are

issues at an international tournament that you don't get on a

provincial level, like language and temperament."


Wes Bellmore, spokesman for the Edmonton Police Service, said

cops would have laid charges after the brawl but were not asked



"With evidence of an assault it wouldn't have mattered if it was

sports-related or not. Baseball is a non-contact sport," Bellmore



The Cuban team left Edmonton yesterday morning, minus two

players who defected.


Ron Hayter, tournament spokesman, said they weren't required

under International Baseball Federation regulations to provide

police at the tournament.


"There were no police at the field, we are not required to," Hayter

said. "But we've never had an incident like this before."


Hayter added tournament director and IBF member Gaston

Panaye would seek further penalties for both teams during an

executive committee meeting later this month.


The IBF technical committee suspended both team coaches and a

Cuban player after the incident.


Robinson said it was only Cuban players that used bats in the

dugout brawl.


"The Australian coach had his hand bitten, a boy had his hand

badly bruised after protecting his head from a bat and another boy

has a black eye," Robinson said.


"Some of the Cubans got hit too but they were the only ones with